Top 6 video editors for Android

People love saving their special moments, presenting their business ideas, and much more in the form of videos. To make your memories more wonderful and ideas look refined, there are some outstandingly incredible video editing apps for android users.

There is a wide range of video editors available for desktop computers. With the development of phones, the use of personal computers is decreased. People now prefer doing such stuff on your phones. So to make the editing more convenient free video editing applications are launched on Google Play Store. Now you can comfortably make and edit the videos on your phone anywhere anytime. Using these video editing applications, you can apply different transitions, text, filters, and effects to your videos and convert them into cinematic masterpieces.

You can transform your videos efficiently by utilizing a lot of amazing features provided by them. These mobile applications are quite simple and easy, so it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or not. Enhance your life and business with these astounding video editing apps for happiness and success. Here we have enlisted the top five Video Editors for Android, which are available free in Google Play Store.


Filmorago is the most compelling video editing app. Many people love this app for its features. It is one of the highest-rated video editing apps in the Play store. Using this app, you can share videos for editing from different social media sites. You can see all your edited pictures in real-time. Although most of the paid version features are available in the free version. The video can be saved directly to the gallery or can be shared instantly on social media sites. It has some professional tools that help you with the following features:

  • You can perform the function like cutting and trimming efficiently.
  • It also helps you made videos for Instagram and YouTube.
  • You can use different effects on your video to make it more fascinating.
  • You can make slow-motion videos as well using the Filmorago app.
  • You can add text, colors, and stickers to your videos.
  • You can add your favorite songs or any music at the background of your video.

Adobe Premium Clip:

The most fun to use application for video editing is Adobe Premium Clip. It is very speedy and reliable. Many Android users acknowledge this app because of its ease. The most engaging feature of Adobe Premium Clip is that it automatically creates a video for you with the provided photos and clips. Adobe Premium Clip extraordinary features include:

  • You can edit, trim and add in the video in a fun way.
  • It provides you with different transitions to enhance the beauty of your video.
  • You can add music of your choice as a background of your video.
  • It does not bother you with unwanted ads.
  • You can directly share videos on different social media sites that include Facebook, twitter, etc.

Video Show:

VideoShow is the highest award-winning app. It is listed as the best app for video editing available for Android users. VideoShow has a very user-friendly user interface. It let you create and edit the video in no time. The best part is that it does not charge you for any feature. Only to remove the watermark present at the end of the video, you need to pay. Both professionals and beginners can use this app because it is so simple and reliable. It is the most suitable alternative for Filmorago. Some of the impressive features VideoShow offers are:

  • You can add text in different fonts, animated pics, and much more in your video.
  • It provides you with a large variety of themes for your video.
  • You can add music in the background of your video.
  • Videos audio track speed can be adjusted ad slow or fast as per the requirements.
  • It gives you different effects to beautify your video.
  • You can add different types of backgrounds to your videos, such as dark, blur, and much more.
  • It helps you compress the video to the required size.
  • You can add more than one song in the background of your video.


Kinemaster is one of the best trending video editing android application for making professional videos on your Android device. It makes video editing easy by introducing drag and drop facility to import files. You can get rid of the watermark if you have the paid version. Its unpaid version has some marvelous features as well that include:

  • It provides a powerful blending tool.
  • Kinemaster offers several Transitions to intensify the look of your video.
  • You can add multiple layers to your video.
  • You can also apply time effects such as Speed control.
  • Subtitles can be added to your videos also.
  • You can do voiceovers efficiently.
  • Videos can be shared directly on other social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube.
  • You can select background music from your mobile’s music playlist also.
  • You can export HD quality videos also.


Another free android video editing app accessible is Quik. You can conveniently make your videos with video clips and pictures. It can also automatically create the video with an updated picture and video clips. It is free from the disturbing ads and does not credit you for any feature. You can make your app using your phone only. It enables you to make perfect videos in a limited time. The features of Quik that made it placed in top video editing apps of android are:

  • It lets you edit and trim videos.
  • You can download the videos in high quality that incorporate 1080p and 720p.
  • It enables you to share the edited videos on various social media sites.
  • It is a very expeditious and stable app.
  • You can add effects, texts, stickers, and transitions to your video.
  • You can add background music, different sounds, and multiple songs to your video.
  • All its features are free of cost.
  • It does not disturb you with undesired ads.

Viva video:

Vivavideo is also a free video editing mobile application. It is used by millions of people worldwide. It also provides you a feature of creating a slideshow. Vivavideo has a very user-friendly user interface that makes it much easier for its users. Even nonprofessionals can use it very easily. It is designed in such a way that it enables you to do all function that is required to edit an app. It provides a variety of features that are enlisted here.

  • Videos and photos can be combined to make a video.
  • You can add a slow-motion effect to your videos.
  • It provides many stickers, themes, filters, and templates.
  • It offers several professional tools like trimming, merging, speed control, and many more.
  • You can add text, stickers, animated clips in your video.
  • It let you share videos directly on Instagram Facebook and other social media sites.

Why choose video editing apps?

Photoshop and other editing software are not accessible using the phone so these editing apps help create and edit videos on the phone. These video editing apps are a full package. These apps make you free from ideally sitting in front of a computer screen for hours to edit apps. They let you create and edit your videos in minutes. Video editing apps give you complete control of your video. These thoughtfully designed apps let everyone professionally edit their videos. They are the most suitable alternative for editing software that are not accessible on Android Phones.

Are you struggling to make a decent video? then you are on the right spot. It’s time to convert your precious moments, your business ideas and much more in videos and shares it with friends. By using the best android apps 2019, you can easily convert your captured memories and your business ideas into videos. By using these video editing apps you can also edit these apps and make them more tempting. You can enhance already made videos by using these amazing apps. The best part of these apps is that they are free. They do not cost you any penny. You can easily get these apps on the Google Play Store and edit your videos on the go. You can easily select which app will best suit your requirements. We have made the choice easy for you. Then what are you waiting for? Go download the most suitable video editing app on your phone from Google Play Store and effortlessly edit your videos. By using character counter tool you can count words of any videos title