Top 6 Most Creative Things to Do With Room Dividers

Did you know that we spend around 90% of our lives indoors? For many of us, this number is higher, especially after the pandemic hit.

While you might have a cozy home, you might want some changes. Whether it’s because you’ve been staring at your unchanged rooms for years or you need to make more efficient use of your space (or both!), it’s time to switch things up.

But you might not have enough money or time to go through an actual home renovation. In that case, there are room dividers that can help!

Wondering what to do with room dividers? Here are the top 6 most creative things you can do!

1. Create an Office Space

Even before the pandemic, many of us were already working from home. Add in the work from home orders, and you can bet that number skyrocketed.

Some people might have the luxury of living in a spacious house where there are dedicated rooms for sleeping, working, and playing. But for those who live in a 1-bedroom apartment or studio, you have to work with what you got.

Enter room dividers. You can take what space you have and section some of it off to make an office space. Place your computer, table, and chair in there, and you’ll get an area where you can hammer out your work assignments.

If you live with other people, this gives you some much-needed personal space. Your significant other or roommate will know not to bother you if you’re inside your “office.” It’ll help immensely with productivity!

2. Section off Your Living Room

We know that open-floor living rooms are all the rage nowadays. But what if you don’t really like them? Whether you’re renting or are a homeowner who can’t afford to renovate, room dividers are your answer.

Putting up a room divider is so easy and doesn’t require noisy and distracting construction. Simply get yourself one (or a few) room dividers and place them in your living room.

What’s great about this is you don’t even have to divide your room completely. For example, you can place one behind your couch so it feels cozier when you’re watching TV.

But you can then leave the rest of the living room open so the space doesn’t feel too claustrophobic. This will also give you better access between the living room and kitchen. If you entertain often, this is a huge advantage.

3. Create Two “Bedrooms”

This is a room divider tip that’s great for those who are living in studios or an apartment with a spacious bedroom. Chances are, you only really need the space to sleep and maybe do some work. You’re then left with large empty spaces.

While you might feel comfortable rooming with someone in an open bedroom, there always comes a time when you’ll want some privacy. Or maybe you just can’t fall asleep seeing your roomie across the way, even if they’re your best friend.

In this case, you can put up some room dividers in the middle of the room. This creates two “bedrooms” and gives you a more private feel.

Like with the living room suggestion above, you don’t necessarily have to section off the entire middle of the room. You can leave half of it open so it feels more spacious. Plus, it’ll be easier to talk to your roommate too!

4. Make a Music Studio

Are you a musician who loves to make recordings? Well, why not make your own studio at home? You can’t always make it to a professional studio; creativity strikes at any moment, after all!

Most apartments and homes don’t have rooms with good acoustics. So when you’re recording music, you might get tons of reverb and other noise.

To combat this, you can make a small music studio with room dividers! Find a small corner where you can put 2 room dividers up perpendicularly, then pad the insides on all 4 corners.

The next time you need to record something, just step into your makeshift studio and presto!

5. Put It Behind Your Bed

Bedrooms can be quite boring, especially if you have white walls. If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, you can pop a room divider behind it to instantly perk it up. Just make sure it’s a different color than your walls so it pops.

Having a room divider behind your bed can add some depth and dimension to your room too, seeing as it’ll be at a different depth than your other walls.

Another plus for using a room divider in this way is that some come with shelving. If you’ve been short on space, you can start storing things on the divider. Or just put a few potted plants on it to make your room come to life.

6. Partition off Your Bathroom

Do you and your household constantly bang on the bathroom door, begging to be let in before the other person’s done? Then use room dividers to partition off your bathroom to make things more convenient!

For instance, you can put up a wall divider so one part is just the sink and the other part is the toilet and shower. That way, if someone’s doing their business, other people can still get into the bathroom to wash their hands and brush their teeth.

Use Your Creativity for Room Dividers

As you can see, you can use room dividers in a wide variety of configurations. Once you’ve ordered and received them, feel free to play around with the various setups we’ve suggested.

And of course, these are just recommendations! When using room dividers, feel free to get creative.

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, after all. And the beauty of room dividers is that you can switch things up whenever you feel like it. So get your creative juices flowing!

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