Top 6 Fire Safety Standards:

Fire safety standards are the set of requirements that each building must follow to avoid any disaster.

Many governments issue detailed guidelines about the safety standards in construction projects, but in some countries, it is ignored, which causes great loss of lives and property.

To know about these standards, keep reading this article. 

1-Addition of Escape Routes:

Every construction project must add an escape route. The size of this emergency exit must be according to the size of the building and the number of possible occupants. 

Another requirement for this emergency route is that it must be clearly labeled as an emergency exit and easily accessible.

2-Installing of Smoke Detector:

Early warning systems save thousands of lives each year. To get a warning before the fire spread can be done by installing smoke and heat detectors.

In most countries, it is mandatory to have smoke and heat detectors.

These systems are also very useful when there are no people at home to call the fire department because most of the modern detectors can send a distress call to the nearby fire station that can save the property.

3- Fire Suppression System:

Response time matters a lot in fire fighting. It is easy to suppress fire at the initial stages, but if it gets bigger it gets difficult to extinguish.

To decrease the response time to almost zero, in large buildings and industries, it is mandatory to install the fire suppression system.

As soon as the fire is detected by sensors, the sprinklers get deployed. That puts water on the fire to extinguish it before it gets out of hand.

Large industries use Industrial Suppression Systems which are specially designed for large industries and can suppress different types of fires.

4- Conduct Fire Drills:

The people must know how to react in the time of crises. To educate people about such situations is better to conduct fire drills. There must be a fire safety officer in every building who must train everyone about how to react in case of fire. He must tell the occupants about the exit strategy and how to stay away from fumes and how to get to safety without hurting others.

After the education, there must be a drill in which all people need to evacuate the building in an orderly manner. After the drill, there must be a session in which mistakes are highlighted so that they are not repeated in real situations.

5-Use of Fire-Resistant Material:

The use of highly flammable materials can spread fire very fast, nowadays, it is recommended to use flame-retardant materials which can prevent the fire from spreading. Furniture and doors are now being manufactured with flame-resistant material with a high fire-resistance rating. Having good quality doors can contain the fire to one room or floor for a long time.

6-Follow National Building Code:

While construction keeps following the national building code. Every country has building codes that regulate construction. The main objective is to ensure all safety and quality standards. These standards are set after analyzing the problems faced in the past so that the risk of that problem occurring gets minimized. 

An example of these codes is the installation of Industrial Suppression Systems in industries.