Top 6 Debunking Common Myths about Short Term Leases

When students move out of the home of their parents to get a place near their educational institute or when new workers plan to get a place near their office, the only thing on their mind is opting for a short or long-term lease. Rightfully said, it is not just on their mind, but a constant battle is going in their head, which does not let them focus on anything else.

The foundation of this battle is the myths about short-term leases that prove it is the worst decision and mistake one can make in their life. Although short-term lease and long-termed ones have their own importance and value, one should always decide according to their circumstances and needs. If you are thinking about a short-term one, debunking common myths can help you reach a better decision. Let’s get into the details of this article and debunk common myths about short-term leases.

Top 6 Myths about Short Term Leases You Should Not Believe

Myths and facts are a part of life. However, the problematic approach is that human beings are used to questioning the facts and believing the myths blindly. People unconsciously support this approach, even more, when they start looking for a new place for themselves. If you are one of such people, make sure to see the reality buried beneath the myths before making a decision that backstabs you.

Here are the major myths about short-term leases you should not believe at all.

1. Short-term leases are only for tourist destinations.

The first widely believed myth about short-term leases is that they are only for tourist destinations. It is true that they are popular at tourist destinations as a cheaper alternative to hotels, but short-term leases are easily available to regular people in non-tourist destinations too. Many people explore apartments for rent in Jumeirah village circle and opt for short term lease when they are not even a tourist in the area.

2. Short-term leases bring down property value.

Another common myth about short-term leases that you should never believe is that they bring down the value of the property. People believe that as more tenants rent and evacuate the place in a year, it can create a negative impression of the property. However, it is not so. Properties with short-term rentals are often more in demand because the renters know they will not be bound by contract to stay in the same space for years.

3. Short-term leases are for families.

Another blindly believed myth about short-term leases is that they are only for families or larger groups. This myth stems from the belief that such places are for vacations. It has no ground at all, and single people, groups, couples, and anyone can opt for a short-term lease. If you are planning to stay in some area for a short time period, it should be enough to go for such a lease.

4. Short-term leases cannot be reacquired.

One of the most critical short-term myths that you should never believe is that they cannot be reacquired. Many people think that they essentially have to evacuate the place once their short lease has expired. It is not essential at all, and you can easily renew your short lease. However, if you have acted as a headache for the property owner, they might not want to renew the contract with you. So, maintain good relations to receive a favorable attitude.

5. Short-term leases increase owners’ interference.

Another crucial myth about the short-term lease that makes people quit the idea of pursuing it is that it can increase the interference of the owner. People believe that owners are unable to trust the short-termed tenants and pay more frequent visits to the property to check if everything is in place. However, it does not hold any truth, and you will not have to face any interference if you opt for a reliable property.

6. Short-term leases are not cost-efficient.

The last short-term lease myth that you need to stop believing now is that it is not cost-efficient at all. Most people think that such leases are more expensive than the long-termed ones as the authorities have to collect their profits. However, it does not hold any truth. You can explore apartments for rent in Jumeirah village circle and opt for short term lease to see the difference and debunk the myth by experiencing it.

Forget the myths and do what is best for you!

Do not make the mistake of taking important life decisions under the impression of baseless myths. If your circumstances favor the short-term apartment lease, do not think twice, but contact real estate experts to explore some of the best listings on the market and move as soon as you can.