Top 6 CoQ10 Health Benefits For Men and Women

The role of antioxidants in the healthy functioning of our body requires no introduction. However, as we age, Coenzyme Q10, a nutrient found in body cells, tends to decline, thereby making us vulnerable to diseases and reduced energy.

Given our modern lifestyle, soft gel ubiquinol coq10 has been prescribed by medicos to offer a wholesome protective effect. Research studies indicate that Coenzyme Q10 and its low levels bear a direct relation to serious ailments like diabetes, cancer, migraines, Alzheimer’s, cardiac issues, and even infertility.

Soft gel ubiquinol coq10 can be a wonderful additive to promote energy, regulate metabolism and blood sugar levels, and treat overall nutritional deficiencies.

Read on to find out more about the six amazing health benefits that Coenzyme Q10 has to offer.

Guarding Cells Against Free Radicals

Every single cell in our body has CoQ10, which as an antioxidant, helps keep unstable molecules in check. In other words, they fight free radicals. Now, when the number of free radicals is way more than the number of antioxidants present, it can lead to serious damage within us.

In such cases, soft gel ubiquinol coq10 as a supplement helps bulk up on antioxidants to protect cells from free radical damage and thereby ensure overall healthy growth and functioning.

A Great Companion To Metabolism

Besides offering support to cellular membranes, Coenzyme Q10 offers excellent aid to metabolism. In other words, it helps break down cholesterol, amino acids, and sulfides which are all indispensable components of our body. It is due to the presence of coenzyme Q10 that such important components can achieve the right balance, and failing to do so can lead to serious disorders and even be fatal for many.

Enhancing Cardiac Health

Multiple research studies suggest that Coenzyme Q10 has been able to better heart issues, particularly in the case of congestive heart failure.

Reportedly, long-term usage of soft gel ubiquinol coq10 as a supplement has made it possible to mitigate the symptoms of sudden cardiovascular events. Also, the use of coenzyme Q10 supplements has made it possible to do away with dedicated cardiac medicines following heart surgery, often linked to the arrhythmic heartbeat.

In another study, the use of soft gel ubiquinol coq10 as a supplement was found to be extremely beneficial to lower recurring episodes of muscle aches. This is common in people on cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Effective Regulation Of Blood Sugar

The positive effects of soft gel ubiquinol coq10 as a supplement have also been observed in people who are diabetic. Thereby, a regular dosage has been able to significantly boost insulin synthesis as well as glycemic index.

Patients, reportedly with metabolic disorders, also benefited from CoQ10 supplementation as depicted in a 2015 study. The outcome showed positive results not only for serum insulin levels but also for overall plasma antioxidant capacity concentration.

It’s not unknown that people who are diabetic often run a higher risk of developing several other serious ailments that include cardiac and renal issues. Peripheral nerve and blood vessel damage aren’t uncommon either. Regular CoQ10 supplementation (animal studies only) has been found to reverse such odds and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Aids In The Reduction Of Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is known to impact our cells quite heavily. It not only brings direct damage to cellular processes as well as leads to chronic conditions like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and a lot more.

Several ongoing research studies also suggest that oxidative stress might accelerate aging, thereby reducing skin elasticity and initiating wrinkles. No wonder, leading cosmetic brands are known to infuse Coenzyme Q10 in topical anti-aging products as it reduces the number of free radicals.

A Positive Effect On Fertility Levels

When it comes to fertility, both men and women can benefit greatly from using soft gel ubiquinol coq10 as a supplement.

In cases like a diminished ovarian reserve or lower egg quality, or low sperm count and motility, the use of CoQ10 has shown great potential. Besides, CoQ10 supplements also promote healthy cell growth and division, which is essential for a successful pregnancy.

To date, there is very limited data in terms of enhancing fertility in men and women, but a regular intake has been found to make a considerable difference. Since the increase of antioxidants also takes care of fatigue and initiates rapid muscle recovery, sexual performance is also reported to have undergone a positive change.

Wrap Up

Undeniably, Coenzyme Q10 as a supplement has a host of benefits to offer for the healthy functioning of our body.

Since this antioxidant is also produced readily within our cells, the right dosage of CoQ10 must be maintained. Incidentally, there’s no recommended dose for administering CoQ10 as a supplement. The usual practice rests between 30-100 mg per day.

Besides, one must ensure optimum storage conditions for soft gel ubiquinol coq10 as exposure to moisture can damage the medicine and reduce its efficacy to some extent. Thus, always store the tablets in a cool and dry place.

It is always recommended that you consult your healthcare provider before starting on soft gel ubiquinol coq10,as it might interfere with certain other medications for blood pressure and cancer. If you are already using any kind of over-the-counter supplements, always inform your healthcare provider before you are prescribed CoQ10 for daily intake.