Top 6 Best Flat Response Headphones 2021-22

What are the top headphones with a smooth and consistent response that is affordable for everyone?

If you’re a mixer audio engineer or just a music lover A pair of headphones that has a flat response is sought-after.¬†While listening to music that has a flat response, the headphones will sound exactly as they were designed by the artist to experience it.¬†They offer little or no alteration of the audio between the frequencies or an EQ.¬†They are also easy to EQ should you want to.¬†After lengthy research, testing, as well as assistance from a few colleagues in the audio field, narrowed the list to the most popular 6 flat-response headphones that are available across all budgets.

In Short, Here Are the Best Headphones with A Flat Response for Every Budget

Sennheiser HD280PRO

Sennheiser HD 600


Sennheiser HD 800 S

Status Audio CB-1

AKG K 701

Sony MDR7506

Audio-Technica ATHM40x

1. Sennheiser HD280PRO

The Sennheiser HD280PRO is a lightweight and comfortable pair of headphones that can be used to block out noise. It reduces the outside noise by as much as 32 decibels which is quite excellent. The headphones are highly rated for budget-friendly home studios. In addition, they are rated with high scores from audiophiles too.

For the sound quality, the HD280PRO from Sennheiser is amazing.¬†They’re fairly flat, with a slight swell in the bass.¬†I believe that it is the small bass boost that gives greater realism without any muddy or boomy sound.¬†It’s got a smooth frequency response and has a natural sound.¬†If you’re in the middle of noise-isolating headphones to enjoy enjoyment and enjoyment, the flat frequency response allows you to adjust the sound the way you like with a little equalization.

For me, the headphones feel initially a little tight. After about a week, they were able to adjust nicely and became a good fit. As with the majority of headphones in this category, they are great ear muffs for winter too. They are soft and will fit the ears and keep them warm.


Excellent audio quality

Covers the ear

Fantastic noise isolation (one of the tops in this selection)

High SPL of 113dB



The cord is extremely irritating and heavy. it

In time the foam in the cups will begin to break down

2. Sennheiser HD 600

This is among the most premium audiophile-grade headphones available.¬†It’s not the most highly-rated headphones on the market, but that’s not saying much.¬†The quality of their sound is incomparable.¬†With a flat, smooth response they are adored by audio engineers, mixers gamers, and music fans.¬†They achieve their amazing transient response thanks to their lightweight copper voice coils.¬†With Neodymium ferrous magnets it offers superior dynamic and sensitivity. For more Best Flat Frequency Response Headphones search on google and find lots of web pages are available on the internet.

The headphones are quite comfortable. They’re probably not the most comfortable available however they are comfortable enough that I have no complaints. If you have larger heads, it may be necessary to stretch the headband just a bit. When you first open the box, the clamping force might be a little too excessive. Overall, I rate it an 8/10 for ease of use. It has a light marbled gloss finish as well as a strong headband material and extremely durable earpads They have an overall great build quality. The only drawback is that they’re somewhat more plasticky than I expected to find in headphones this cheap. However, it’s made of tough plastic and I don’t believe that longevity is a concern for this pair later on. I rate the product an overall 8.2 out of 10.

Given that they are open-back headphones they are not noise-isolating.¬†The earcups can bleed sound at higher volumes also.¬†In the end, these headphones are among the best in terms of high-quality sound.¬†You’ll be happy with them if a smooth response and a great sound are the main focus.¬†Make sure to read the exemplary reviews below.


The AKG K240STUDIO headphones are among the most highly rated and affordable headphones in this listing.¬†They are ear-to-ear compatible but don’t offer noise isolation.¬†The open-back headphones don’t offer isolation from noise as these do have advantages in their own manner.¬†You can, for instance, be aware of the surroundings and hear conversations.¬†Some people also like the feeling of letting your ears breathe.¬†However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them mixes for live DJs or when traveling.¬†Others in the vicinity are also capable of hearing the music that you’re listening to, in the event of a loud volume.

The quality of the sound is crisp and precise.¬†It offers a clear, flat sound that is ideal to mix audio.¬†The AKG K240STUDIO doesn’t overcompensate for the bass.¬†Instead, the clean highs and mids offer greater clarity and detail for the music.¬†In many instances, the headphones can bring out certain features that are often overlooked in music that are usually missed.

If you’re searching for a pair of headphones that don’t have a heavy bass that doesn’t block out outside noise, but for a reasonable price it is this AKG K240STUDIO is a great option!


Excellent highs and mids.

A clear and flat sound is ideal for mixing in studios


No sound-isolation

Poor bass

4. Sennheiser HD 800 S

It is the Sennheiser HD 800 S is the most expensive but the most high-end flat headphones available in the market. In general, they are one of the more controversial models for people who use them. Each group of users has a view of extremes. Some people believe that these headphones are the best headphones in all of the universe. They are not liked by the other group. headphones.

Designed for professional-level audio engineers. The sound is extremely clear and has an even response.¬†It’s a surround sound that is much more spacious than most headphones.¬†They are comfortable.¬†It is possible to stop every couple of hours to give your ears a break.¬†Overall, I would rate an 8 out of 10 for comfort.¬†Made from tough plastic the headphones are light and robust.¬†These headphones are made to last.

In general, these headphones were specifically designed to mix in the studio in a professional grade. They have a smooth frequency response and sound extremely clear. Make sure to read some of the reviews below.

5. Status Audio CB-1

The Status Audio CB-1 is one of the top-rated and most-reviewed headphones featured on this list.¬†It is also among the top-rated headphones available on the market.¬†They are able to cover all of the ears and provide good noise isolation.¬†My experience is that they are decent, but aren’t the most effective isolation for noise.¬†However, they definitely surpass this with amazing sound quality and incredible comfort.¬†And, of course, the price, which is lower than $70.

The Status Audio CB-1 produces accurate high-quality, clear, and crystal-clear audio quality.¬†You won’t believe the cheap cost once you’ve tried these headphones.¬†Regarding sound quality, a lot of audiophiles and music makers say that they can compete toe-to-toe with headphones that cost $200.¬†I’m in agreement with these assertions as well.¬†There isn’t any harshness or grit at any of the frequencies but it is still a crisp and clear sound.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable pair of headphones that have an outstanding sound quality and are priced under $70, I would highly recommend the CB-1 from Status Audio!


The comfiest pair on this list.

Covers the ear

Fantastic audio quality

Flat frequency response

Great value

One of the most highly-rated headphones available


These aren’t the best headphones for noise isolation on this list.

Made up of plastic, plastic is the most common material

6.Audio-Technica ATHM40x

The Audio-Technica ATHM40x is a budget pair of headphones that is ideal for DJs. They are ear-to-ear, providing excellent noise isolation. Personally, I prefer the option for my headphones to be louder than normal, depending on the surroundings. Fortunately, even though some of the DJ headphones available on market are on the quieter side, however, this one is quite loud.

With a driver that is 40mm, these headphones deliver amazing sound quality at a cheap cost.¬†The sound is pure, meaning that there is no manipulation of the audio.¬†It is possible to hear every single instrument and its frequency precisely.¬†For the general quality of sound, the Audio-Technica ATHM40x is awe-inspiring.¬†In many instances, you won’t be able to tell the difference even if you compare them with headphones that cost twice as much.

It is Audio-Technica ATHM40x is well-designed for low-cost and mid-priced.¬†They’re designed to last while maintaining good flexibility.¬†For clarity, flexibility is a far more crucial aspect for DJs who perform live than you believe.¬†During live performances, the headphones are constantly being removed, put on and one ear inserted and out.¬†This model of headphones can be flexed while maintaining adequate quality and durability.

Overall,, the Audio-Technica ATHM40x is an excellent option for DJ or studio headphones for a reasonable price. Check out these reviews at Amazon!


A great value at a reasonable price.

Naturally loud headphones


Perfect for DJ’s and Studio use.

High-quality construction and design, while maintaining its flexibility

 5 Things to Lookout for When Purchasing a Pair Of Headphones

1. Sound Quality

For music lovers, the general quality of the sound is an important factor when selecting the best set of headphones. There are a variety of elements that influence the headphones in terms of sound quality.

2. Comfort

The capability of headphones to be comfortable for a long period of time without irritation and irritation, pressure, or headaches. Given that many users use headphones for their transportation, commute, or for work, comfort is an essential element.

3. Build Quality

What is the point of your amazing audiophile headphones if they fall apart within a couple of months? Durability and durability are essential to any purchase you make. Particularly for those who require headphones for their commute, It is essential that they are robust enough to endure the most demanding travel conditions for a long time.

4. Noise Isolation/ Active Noise Cancelling

Beware of the confusion between active noise cancellation and noise-isolating headphones.¬†They’re completely distinct.¬†The technology for noise cancellation is unique.¬†Contrary to headphones that block out noise, noise-canceling headphones are not able to block out external noise through physical isolation.¬†Inside the earcups, they are equipped with an in-built microphone that picks the ambient noise outside.¬†Then it activates the frequency completely opposite to ambient noise outside.¬†This means that it cancels out the majority of ambient noise outside.

5. Battery Life

Battery life is often a forgotten issue when discussing headphones for over-ear use.¬†The only headphones with a battery life last are those that are wireless.¬†Most of the headphones on the market don’t have wireless capabilities.¬†For those with wireless capabilities having a longer battery life can be a useful aspect


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