Top 5 Trekking In Nepal

Nepal is popular for sightseeing and hiking.There are numerous spectacular trekking routes on the terrain of the Nepalese Himalayas. Naming  one as the best trek in Nepal is very unjust. These paths, as they are, are different and best in their own way.

By looking at the features provided by such treks, you will find the right treks that suit you.

Nepal draws +200,000 trekkers each year. That also ensures that +200,000 individuals face the difficult choice of choosing which trekking destination to explore in Nepal each year. Let’s face it – it’s not an easy decision.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Headquarters Trip is the most ideal alternative for those hoping to savour the staggering close up perspectives on the world’s most elevated mountains. This journey offers you an opportunity to investigate the Sherpa towns and their ways of life. This is probably the best journey in Nepal and offers an elite travelling experience. 

Arriving at the culmination of the world’s most noteworthy Mountain, Mount Everest might be the zenith of the relative multitude of undertakings. Be that as it may, strolling to the headquarters of Mount Everest is no less courageous. 

In this journey, you experience the superb stroll on the impressions of amazing mountain dwellers. In transit you go through delightful High Passes and thundering Dudhkoshi Waterway. Alongside the prestigious Namche marketplace,valley and a few Buddhist Religious communities on the path.

2. Langtang Valley Trek

The Langtang Valley Journey is well known for its different vegetation and refined towns. The trip offers an extraordinary vantage purpose of Langtang Ri and perspectives on the Annapurnas and Makalu. In spite of the closeness to Kathmandu, the area is pretty much as wild as some other Tibetan good countries. 

Encircled with a peaceful rustic scene. The trip offers openness to the novel Tamang culture and an opportunity to stroll past the delightful glacial masses at a very low height. The Langtang valley offers the dazzling perspective mountain scene. The trip is an ideal alternative for the one. Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to investigate the rich Tamang culture, excellent scene and vegetation? This is the trip for you.

3. Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek is a socially and geopolitically touchy territory and wasn’t open to travelling until 1992. The way of life and scene of the area is near that of Tibet. Because of the detachment from the world, the area can keep up its extremely old culture and scene. The sixteenth-century Buddhist religious communities and the caverns cut into sheer precipice dividers in horse attracts numerous adventurers to the locale. 

The horse has a striking territory of a semi-parched desert with profound gorges and rock racks, bordered with cold pinnacles. Holed up behind the grand Himalayan reaches, Bronco is a concealed heaven in Nepal. This is an absolute necessity journey for the one longing to investigate the interesting scene and the rich Tibetan culture. 


This journey needs in any event two travelers joined by a Nepali guide or Doorman. Alongside a confined zone license ensure you have a journeying accomplice or a traveling organization for the trip.

4. Everest Gokyo Lake Trek

With its appealing side glens, turquoise lakes, the country’s greatest icy mass and a curve of snow mountains, the Gokyo valley is the most alluring area in the Khumbu. The Gokyo Ri Journey is a grand trip to the Gokyo valley through woods and numerous engineered overpasses. Likewise, the grand edges with altars on top, enchanting little villages, the high valleys and icy moraines embellishes this journey.. 

The perspectives on the five Emerald Lakes together in the shadow of the great mountain tops in the Gokyo Valley is the fundamental feature of the Trip. The journey offers an awesome perspective on the great ice edge between Cho Oyu and Gyachung situated in Khumbu locale. This is an extreme journey for looking for selective experience and picturesque glory.

5. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Meandering through the wonderful slopes, the Annapurna Headquarters Trip takes you to the base of Mount Annapurna. The path goes through accommodating towns and beautiful valleys. The journey consolidates various scenes and carries the travellers so near the base of tops over 8,000 m in a brief timeframe. The journey is the ideal mix of magnificent regular landscapes and rich social variety of the Annapurna district. Travelling to Annapurna Headquarters is a stupendous, stunning walk that rewards adventurers from multiple points of view.


There are many trekking places in Nepal that are very delightful, yet including everything is very inconceivable with Nepal Trekking Packages. All these places have their own restrictions, hence all places are amazing to visit in Nepal.