Top 5 Tips to Shoot with a Crossbow

Crossbows are still often perceived as “arcane” or belonging to the mythical world of elves and dwarves. The evolution of archery or crossbow is quite interesting. However, crossbows are becoming increasingly popular in the West among hunters and sportsmen. Besides, movie fans will probably recognize this weapon from The Lord of the Rings.

Crossbows have been used throughout the history of human civilization. In ancient China, crossbows were already being used in battle 1000 years before Christ. They made a resurgence during the Crusades, and medieval Europeans used them. 

They fell out of favor for a while, but they were rediscovered and popularized again in the 17th century by hunters. Just like in Medieval Europe, crossbows are currently used by many hunters in many countries around the world.

Crossbows are awesome weapons. They can be used for hunting and sports – and they also make awesome displays of skill and power. During many African Safari’s they teach you about how and why they were used.

Crossbows are a very different weapon from a rifle or a handgun. And they definitely have their own quirks and challenges when it comes to shooting. 

The following are the top five things that every crossbow shooter should know about shooting to successfully conquer this weapon.

The Crossbow’s Trigger

The first and most important tip to shooting accurately with a crossbow is: don’t even think about it! What we mean by this is that the trigger of a crossbow looks very similar to what you would find on a gun. 

However, it works in a different way. While the trigger of a rifle or handgun is designed to be pulled by your index finger, the crossbow trigger is pulled by one’s thumb. 

So, while you should never think about pulling the trigger of a gun by using your index finger, this is exactly what you should do when it comes to using a crossbow.

Pulling the trigger with your index finger is a surefire way to break it off or damage it in some way. The index finger has much more power than the thumb, so it is specifically designed to aim and hold your gun steady while you pull the trigger with your thumb.

Holding the Crossbow in Place

The second thing you should know when shooting with a crossbow is that you should expect to use your shoulder. Unlike guns, where the weight of the gun is nicely distributed along your arms and hands, crossbows are much heavier and harder to keep steady. 

Their weight is concentrated at the front of the weapon, so you should expect to use your shoulders and arms a lot more than you would with a gun. So, before you even think about pulling the trigger of your crossbow, start by bracing yourself using your shoulder. The more solid and steady your shoulder is, the more accurate your shot will be.

Keeping the Crossbow Stable

The third tip to shooting a crossbow accurately is to keep the crossbow itself as stable and steady as possible. Just like with your shoulder, you should brace your crossbow. 

This will help keep it steady and reduce the shaking that might occur from holding it too tight. While you do want to keep the crossbow steady, don’t grip it too tight, or you might hurt your wrist and hand. Just brace your arm against the crossbow as you would a rifle.

Don’t Pull the String Too Tight

The fourth crossbow shooting tip is to never pull your bowstring too tight. Crossbows are a lot different from guns when it comes to what you should do when your weapon is ready to shoot. 

While in the case of a gun, you should pull the gun tightly against your shoulder, this is not the case with a crossbow. You should hold it steady and brace it firmly, but not too tightly. When the string is pulled back too much, it might break. Also, if you pull it back too tightly, it can result in inaccurate shots. 

So remember: hold the crossbow steady and firm, but not too tight. Pulling it back too tightly will actually have the opposite effect on your shots.

How to Line Up One’s Shot

When it comes time to actually take your shot, you should line up your shot properly. Though there are many different types of crossbows, they all work in a similar way when it comes to lining up your shot.

First, line up your shot. Then you should focus on something near the target (at or under 10 yards away). Once you focus on an object, pull the string back until you think that it is at full draw. 

If you were to look down your crossbow at that moment, you would see the string lined up perfectly with the target. Once you are comfortable that you have your shot lined up, hold it for a few seconds before firing. 

This will give you a good chance to make sure that the arrow is lined up with your target and that it’s going to go where you want it to. When you are ready to shoot, exhale and slowly let the string slide off your fingers.


Shooting with a crossbow can be very difficult. At first, you might find it hard to do. But once you get the hang of it, you should be very interested in all of the benefits that come from it. 

One benefit is that a crossbow can actually help to improve accuracy. When you are shooting with a gun or other projectile weapon, it’s almost guaranteed that your crosshairs will move around quite a bit. 

However, with a crossbow, the crosshairs are held in place. This results in very stable shots that can often come out more accurately than most other projectile weapons. 

Another great benefit of shooting with a crossbow is that there are no restrictions or licenses required to use them. Most projectile weapons, such as guns and compound bows, require some level of training before they can be used safely. 

While trying your hand at crossbow, you can also try archery . Learning archery isn’t as easy as leaning how to use a crossbow for sure. Especially when it comes to just picking up one and using it without any training at all.

So if you are looking for a projectile weapon that can help to improve your accuracy, is easy to use, and doesn’t require any permits or training, then you should consider looking into crossbows. You can check out crossbow coupons as well to help with your purchase.

This concludes my list of 5 tips for shooting with a crossbow accurately. Hopefully, after reading this article, you should be able to apply these tips to your own crossbow and have a great deal of success with it.