Top 5 tips to potty train your dog fast?

What is Potty Training?

Potty training is the process of teaching a dog to control the intestine and bladder and using the toilet to eliminate it. A pet is considered to be potty trained when he starts to go to the toilet and can adjust the clothing necessary to urinate or defecate. Potty training is sometimes called Toilet Training.

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Use of Potty Training

Like babies, puppies have no control over when or where they “unleash their assets.” Having a puppy peeing inside your house will definitely not make you happy and will not be good for your puppy when you get angry on him / her.

It is important to address this problem early in the puppy’s life and teach them some discipline. Surprisingly , a dog who learns the right from the wrong will lead a more prosperous life and make our job of caring for them much easier.

It is not too difficult to properly train your puppy, remember to keep in mind that the process can take some time.

Restrict the freedom of the puppy

You must restrict the area in which the puppy can move. What this will do is decrease the chance of the puppy urinating in one place, which it shouldn’t. Put the potty in an outside area, and then put up a fence so the puppy can’t roam elsewhere. It’s not supposed to be a jail, so make it big enough for the puppy to run and have fun.

Of course, you can take the puppy inside occasionally, but you should make it clear that the area is your home for now.

Wet the potty

When setting up your potty, you need to place some of your puppy’s urine on the paper and then move it closer to him so he can smell it.

This gives them the idea that the area is where they should urinate. From next time it will be easy for him to identify the place where it should urinate.

Dont use multiple potty places

Many people trying to train their puppy to go to the toilet have great difficulties, so they decide to set up several areas to go to the toilet. This is a bad idea as it will only confuse your puppy and it will not learn to use a potty effectively. It should only need one area to go to the bathroom. It should get used to the place where to go to the toilet.

Maintain Patience

Younger puppies should go to the bathroom every few hours, so put a leash on them and take them to the bathroom area and give the puppy 10 minutes to do their thing. If they don’t need to go, take the puppy back to your area and try again in about 20 minutes. You should not play with the puppy until he uses the potty, once they do, you must reward him by playing with him, praising him, or feeding him .Praising  gives him boosting.

Reward Good Behavior

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Whether you feed or praise them, it is essential that you reward your puppy for his good behavior. Rewarding a puppy will make them happier and teach them discipline, and eventually a happier dog will listen to you. A good idea is to reward them every time they use the bathroom.

Mistakes will Happen

Remember, not to get angry at your puppy if it urinate in the wrong area. At a young age, they lack many skills that older dogs have much the same way as a young child can urinate before getting to the bathroom. The best thing to do if your puppy urinates in the wrong place is to just say “no” or “bad dog” and then take him to his bathroom area.

In general, by following the tips above, your puppy will be on his way to being potty trained and therefore will have a well-behaved and obedient dog. However, be sure to give it time to learn.