Top 5 Tips For Planning An Exciting Outdoor Event

Outdoor events are trendy these days, especially in the warm summer weather. Outdoor events are in demand because they promise a wide range of different experiences all in one such as carnivals, picnics, sports, concerts, etc. which are perfect for a celebration. All features of outdoor events like the smell of grass, sound of crashing waves at the beach, grilled food, etc. that appeals to our senses.

Outdoor events are especially great for post-COVID 19 celebrations. Outdoor events can easily help you address safety issues such as sanitation, open-air, and crowd density. So, if you are thinking about celebrating something great, why not host an experiential outdoor event as opposed to traditional indoor events inside ballrooms.

A Brief Guide to an Exciting and Fun Outdoor Event

Here is your ultimate guide to planning an exciting and fun outdoor event that your attendees will love to be a part of.

1. Choice of Venue

If you are planning on hosting an outdoor event, the first thing that you need to consider is the choice of a venue. Your choice of venue will ensure the success of your event. For example, if you are hosting a summer beach party, then you can opt for beautiful beach clubs in Abu Dhabi where your guests can stay cool and enjoy the celebrations.

You need to make sure that your venue can accommodate all your attendees and also have enough parking space for your guests. It has to be big enough for roaming around with plenty of shaded areas so your guests can relax and have a breather.

If you are planning on hosting a beach party, then beach clubs are amazing because they have rooms, bathrooms, and air-conditioning. If you want a beach venue, consider consulting event companies in Abu Dhabi for different options and the best venue choice.

2. Offer Best Entertainment 

In order to offer the best entertainment for your guests, the first step is to know your audience. For example, if your event is targeting families, you can offer them planting classes with mini holders, soil, and different flowers. You can also offer a painting class or a mixology class for the adults so they can create drinks of their choice!

You can also provide your audience with colorful kites encouraging them to fly around the outdoor event location. Also, make sure to set up a creative photo booth with multiple props to promote your event and send your attendees home with an unforgettable memory. For something interesting, you can also create a sidewalk art challenge by offering your attendees colorful chalks and encouraging them to leave their names and a kind message.

3. Match Catering With the Weather

Now you have figured out ways to keep attendees entertained. The next thing is to figure out catering for your outdoor event. You need to make sure that your choice of food is perfect for the weather and is set up inside a building or a covered area because the weather is uncontrollable. You can opt for a buffet or go with pre-packaged meals. Consider using a ticketing system and give out lunch boxes. Some affordable ideas include chicken wings and fries, BLT sandwiches, Tacos, and Hotdogs.

Another fun catering idea for outdoor events is calling in some local food trucks for lunch, snacks, and desserts. This will help you save time when it comes to setting up tables and cleaning up. You can also encourage attendees to bring their own blankets and eat in a picnic-style.

Make sure your choice of food is compatible with the weather. For example, for summers, opt for ice creams, watermelon, milkshakes, etc. and for cold weathers, go for marshmallows, coffee, hot chocolate, BBQ.

4. A/V tech for Outdoor Event

Some of the most important components of an outdoor event include dancing, music, singing competitions, etc. However, these require the best A/V technology setup to run smoothly. Consider contacting event companies in Abu Dhabi a month before the event to confirm the availability of speakers, hosts, and projectors.

Make sure your speakers are placed around the event venue in such a way that all your attendees can hear you clearly. However, your central A/V equipment should be somewhere secure with no entry. Consult event planners and see if you can go wireless and avoid having people tripping over the wires. Therefore, if there is an option to go wireless, then go for it! You can also host an outdoor concert or a guest performance.

5. Accommodations

 Outdoor events are in demand these days because they are popular among all ages; kids, teenagers, adults, and all. However, one major constraint of outdoor events is the unavailability of parking space and accommodations. If your outdoor event continues until midnight, then you need to ensure there are hotels nearby for the accommodation of your attendees. Similarly, there should be enough parking space near the event venue to accommodate all the attendees.

If your venue has limited space, consider partnering up with a local venue or a restaurant nearby for extra outdoor space and parking space. This way, your attendees will have no issue booking rooms overnight after the event is over.

Ready to Host Stunning Outdoor Celebrations!

Now you are ready to host a fabulous and flawless outdoor event at any time!

These are some of the most important aspects of a successful outdoor event that you need to consider during planning. Make sure to include tons of fun activities for your guests so they can enjoy themselves and always remember the memorable experience. You can also go out of the traditional ways and host a carnival event with crazy rides and a circus performance. And don’t forget food is an important aspect of your event that will ensure that your attendees stay energized. Let’s create something magical this year and host an outdoor event with memorable experiences!