White Front-load Clothes Washer and Dryers


You cannot get rid of the dirty laundry, except by using a fantastic washing machine that gently removes the stains and dirt from your clothes. The price of the washing machine varies from $250 to $2500. The price depends on the type, capacity, model, and features of a washing machine.


Laundry is a mandatory task, but usually, people find it annoying and want to fulfill it while multitasking. Whether you buy a manual washing machine or automatic, you can do your laundry side by side with other household work. The washing machine mainly consists of two parts, including a washer and a dryer. Both of them should work efficiently for excellent quick cleaning.


If you are planning to buy a new washing machine, then this article is for you. Here, you will get to know Top 5 Tips for buying a Best Washer to Clean your Clothes.


1.Type of washing machines


The first thing you look at in the washing machine is the type and style of it. Based on loading, the washing machine may be a top loader or front loader. The high loader washing machine is the traditional one, which will cost less as compared to a front loader. Efficient energy consumption enhances the functioning of the washing machine but increases the price. You should select the type of washing machine according to the available space. If you live in apartments, then a combo of washer and dryer is a perfect option for you. These washing machines are a single unit, and you can easily place them anywhere.



A top-loading washing machine is convenient for loading and is less expensive. If we talk about high-efficiency washing machines, they are available in both models, top load or front load. These washing machines may be costly, but they save energy and water. However, if we make a comparison of top and front load models, the front loading washing machine has the best energy ratings.


Front-load washing machines require less amount of water and have a high spinning rate. Front-load washers dry the clothes quickly. The high-efficiency washing machine requires less detergent and water. However, while using high-efficiency appliances, you need to take care, and these machines require regular maintenance. No matter what type of washing machine you are buying, all of them have a similar warranty period of 1 or 2 years.


2.Washing machine capacity


Washing machine capacity is the size of the inner drum. The measurement of the washer takes place in cubic feet. The accommodation of laundry depends on the ability of the washing machine. For example, a 3 to 4 cubic foot washing machine can wash up to 15 pounds of laundry. Five cubic foot machine can clean 20 pounds of laundry. The capacity of washers also depends on the model and the manufacturer.


The washer size is a measurement of height, weight, or depth in inches. When you are placing a washing machine, leave some space like 1 to 3 inches from sides of the washing machine. Leave 6-inches space at the back of the washer, and 25 inches from the front door of the appliance.




Some combo washers are connected to the kitchen faucet while the rest of the washing machines need plumbing installations. If your home cannot facilitate a washing machine, you should first contact a plumber to prepare the place for installation. The spot where you want to place the washing machine should be according to your convenience and preference. The washing machine requires hot and cold water supplies. It needs 20-amp and a 120-volt electric outlet. However, conventional washing machines require a high voltage of 240-volts and a vent duct. The voltage consumption of the gas dryer is 120-volt. They also need a vent duct and a gas line connection.




Old styled top-loading washing machines have less washing cycles and wash, time then the more efficient modern washing models. But, they do not wash clothes as effectively as high-efficiency models. Front-loaders don’t have agitators, which makes them a better choice. They clean the clothes gently and are better in performance, but the washing cycles are time taking. You can Look upon the water level options according to the size of loads. You can also check the water temperature settings of a washer so you can wash or rinse with the desired temperature of the water. Some washing machines have permanent press features that slow down the spin resulting in reduced wrinkles.


5.Energy rating


If you want to save water and electricity, then front load high-efficiency washing machines should be your first choice. Overall, all the latest models of washers, no matter what type they belong, have better energy ratings, than the old washing machine models. Energy star rated appliances are also available in the market, providing the best energy efficiency. While buying a washing machine, you can compare the energy guide features.




There are several more features like delay wash, steam, stainless steel washing tub, presoak, extra rinse, end cycle signals, and dispenser for the softener, which you should look before buying a new washing machine. Washers are a long-term investment. Therefore, never compromise on quality.