TOP 5 Things To Know Before Renting JEEP

The idea of off-roading sounds great! But first, you should wait and search for some useful advice about how to drive a Jeep. Most newcomers often struggle with how to drive such a big and powerful car correctly, how to park and control it. So, read this if you don’t feel like you are an expert in driving. Plus, you can avoid many mistakes. Where to start?

Find where to go

So, where to go off-roading? There are many interesting places in the USA where you can try off-roading. Also, you can find interesting areas near you and not overpay for flights and hotels. Nevertheless, a good car is needed. The best variant is to rent a Jeep, the most powerful and reliable vehicle, which is specially designed for crossing difficult areas.

Do you want to find a place where you can relax and try different Jeep trails? Go to Aruba! This island is not big but full of natural attractions, desert beaches, oak groves, rocky surfaces. Let Jeep rental in Aruba help you find a car. Whenever you go, don’t forget to show respect for nature and explore as many interesting places as you can find. Of course, it seems simple to find the best route, but try to use as many resources as possible. With the help of interactive maps you can find trails, off-road parks, and other places where you can try jeeping.

What types of off-roading you want to do

Before you rent a car, try to decide what type of off-roading you are ready to try. Of course, everything depends on your location. So, you choose what you like the most, a desert beach or a muddy road.

  1. Pick light trails

If you’ve never tried off-roading before, you should pick the light trails. It can be any rough road you can find on the island. Actually, this is the best place you can try a new car, cross the gravel road or drive around the muddles. It’s easy, you see, just watch the road. Most the SUVs are good at off-roading.

  1. Pick camping

Camping is when you travel to isolated areas to stay there for some time. You need a Jeep or a camper van if there is no hotel around. The driving through the hiking forest trails is not difficult overall. It is more difficult to pack and survive.

  1. Pick mudding

What does mudding mean? It means you have to go through the territory with large amounts of mud. Where can you find them? You can find muddy trails everywhere. They differ by color and difficulty. Roads, marked as green and blue can be found in the national parks, on the islands. You can rent a 2-door or 4-door Jeep to break it. Black trails definitely require a 4WD Jeep.Consider the off-road tires!

  1. Pick rocky trails

Rock trails can be found in the mountains and around the rocky areas. You should drive slow and steady. Driving through the rocks you need a highly powered car with some specialized gear. You may not need it, but you’d better be ready to meet any road difficulties. So, check if you have lockers, a lift kit, high clearance bumpers, beadlock wheels in the Jeep trunk.

  1. Pick sandy racing

Do you think this is the easiest way of off-roading? Sure enough, traveling through the beaches, coasts, and sandy areas is not dangerous. But you need to be carefulnot to get stuck in the sand. Sometimes, it can be even worse than you get stuck in the mud. Desert off-roading usually includes racing on the sand, climbing up and down the hills and dunes. For this task, you need a high and easy car with an air filter to prevent sand and dust from entering your intake.

You need to choose a trail to know what to focus on when equipping your car. Make sure your Jeep is ready for off-roading. Believe it or not, you should forget about business and economy class autos. You will have problems when crossing the problematic area. You should rent a Jeep! It can be more expensive than a car you drive every day, but it is worth your money. Just decide if you want to enjoy your adventure or suffer, waiting for help on the roadside.