Top 5 Stores to Shop iPhone XS online in USA

Released in 2018, iPhone XS became incredibly popular among teens and working people too. This phone model said complete goodbye to the home button and welcomed a full-screen glass front. While the former models were equipped with a fingerprint lock, this captivating version introduced the feature of Face ID. Such a feature is hard to find in Android phones. With a unique screen size and other interesting features, this iPhone became the wish of every individual. Apple released newer versions of the iPhone after this model but the charm and demand of the iPhone XS remain undeniable. Also, while other new versions are equipped with new features, people often find those specs not useful for them. So, what’s the need of spending more money on a device with futile features when you can get a multi-functional phone on a cheaper device?

Based on these parameters, people are opting for used and refurbished models of iPhone XS that fit well with everyone’s needs. Whether you are an influencer who needs an amazing quality camera or a workaholic who requires a versatile device, iPhone XS is the best phone you can ever have. To cope with the increasing demand for this multi-purpose phone, a number of US stores are offering it for sale. Here are the top 5 stores to shop for iPhone XS online in the USA.

2nd life phones

2nd life phones contains 11 iPhone XS in its inventory. You can shop for 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage of phones. Also, there are plenty of colors available for you. The price for one iPhone XS begins from as low as $265. Depending on the storage and grade, the phone prices may differ. Nevertheless, 2nd life phones provides premium-quality and affordable phone. Stay worry-free about the quality of the phone when you make a purchase from this unparalleled supplier. 2nd life phones offers a refund policy if your phone does not meet your expectations. For retailers, bulk buying iPhones is accompanied by a discount. Along with the iPhone XS, shop for a variety of fully functional iPhones from 2nd life phones today!

Cellular Stockpile

Cellular Stockpile offers a huge catalog of iPhone XS for retailers. Based on different storage levels and grades, you can shop for a vast variety at competitive prices. At this store, you can connect with different wholesale suppliers. The great number of wholesalers, retailers, and distributors ensure that customers get their desired products without any hassle. Also, it charges no selling or buying fee. Besides iPhone XS, the other models of iPhones are worth checking out. Cellular Stockpile not only provides high-quality iPhones but also their excellent customer team ensures that you have a safe and smooth shopping experience. 

TG Wireless

Shop for a premium collection of iPhone XS at TG Wireless. Here, the amount of this model individually is massive. This store strives hard to ensure that your retail business thrives in the market. You can get every model of iPhone, what customers are demanding, and what is popular in the market. All of their devices are factory-unlocked so you can enjoy a mobile carrier of your preference. Also, you will rarely find this store out of stock for a model. They continue to add new products and replenish the existing ones. This helps them develop a loyal clientele. TG Wireless has served thousands of customers with exceptional quality phones and competitive prices.

Wireless Closeout

Want to surf through a huge inventory of iPhone XS? Then, visit the website of Wireless Closeout now. The number of iPhone XS this store has to offer is unbelievable. Surely, their huge stock will fulfill the demand of every XS fan. With minimum investment, you can get a good deal of bulk amounts of iPhones at this store. Along with phones, you also shop for accessories. The best part is that their phones come along with a 90-day warranty to cope with any physical or software damage. So, get amazing iPhones from Wireless Closeout at fair prices.

 Pira Phones

Pira Phones offers phones that do not come with a hefty price tag. Being said that, their variety of iPhone XS will amaze you. From 64GB to 512GB storage, space gray to black color, this store has got you all covered. Also, this supplier continuously improves and evolves by providing quality products and a smooth shopping experience to everyone. With good quality phones and economical rates, a number of customers are relying on this incredible store. Order bulk amounts of iPhones from Pira Phones and enjoy a timeless delivery.


It is no doubt that wholesalers are the main reason behind the success of retailers. Our favorite supplier to shop for iPhone XS is 2nd life phones. The pricing, quality, and customer service all pleased us. Place an instant quote on 2nd life phones today!

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