Top 5 Steps for Job Search in India

Top 5 Steps for Job Search in India

India holds great opportunities for new age employment and its time that we all should take benefit of this fact. With the developing economy, India as a country has gained a better position in terms of employment. So, if you are the one wanting to take-up a successful job search, then you must take a look at this article and find relevant solution for your job hunt.


Although, there are various job opportunities in the country but one needs to make up his or her mind before they take-up a certain career in the job industry, as once the career starts its very difficult to choose again and make a change. With Job hunting becoming an entire process with time, the potential employees should try to fix all initial things for them, such as Research, resume making, preparing for tests, work on making a better online profile, networking etc. This assessment and understanding will give you a chance to make a rational decision about which field you want to start your job search in.

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So, to guide you better, here are 5 major points that you must follow before you start your job search:


  • Take time and Research Well for Job Opportunities: Assessing your needs will give you a major contribution in researching well for your job needs. Most of us in the present scenario have become skeptical and choosy about the job roles hence to figure out the best you need to assess your strengths, capabilities and weaknesses. So, you may take a wise decision to start a career in the field of choice. For this to work well, you must, figure out your skills, Understand the job requirements and your capabilities and create a psychological understanding with your demands
  • Work on your Resume: Your resume is your first impression to the recruiter. It defines who you are, shapes your virtual personality and talks to the recruiter in your absence. So, it is crucial to have a great resume to present when you apply for the job. As per the needs and demands of the job role your resume needs a tailored to make it as per the recruiter viewpoint and it is also important to update your resume from time to time as with new achievements it becomes mandatory for you to mention them.
  • Make Clear Social Media Profiles: In todays digital world. It is very important to have a good and clear social media profiles as it has become a regular hiring destination for most creative companies as well as top MNC’s. so, this should be one of your steps to prepare for your job search in India. It is important to make a nice and complete professional profile on LinkedIn and less personal of Facebook. This will help the recruiter to either find or shortlist you for the interview.
  • Apply for the Relevant Jobs on Different Platforms: Finally, you must start to apply for the jobs you have searched. This will be your fourth step towards your job search.  There are various job portals that one may apply for jobs on, but you have to find your way to do it. Figure out the best platforms to apply for jobs of your type in India and apply for the suitable opportunities.
  • Prepare for the Interview and Tests: Preparation is very important as most companies take aptitude tests and interviews to hire a candidate. So. If you prepare well as per the job description then there is a great chance that you get selected.

So, if you are willing to take a job search in India then read and follow these five steps to land in a successful career.


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Nikhil Mishra is a marketing communications professional with Monster is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. Nikhil has a diverse career and has been a former journalist, copywriter and an avid communications professional. His passion for the field of marketing and communications is a motivating force for his present career choice.