Top 5 Software Companies in NYC

With the impressive rise in software companies in New York over the last decade, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the right developer. We all suffer from decision paralysis when facing too much choice and the experience can quickly become overwhelming. So where do you start?

Analyzing the Reviews

The first step is to understand your criteria and what type of company you want to work with. Will you be targeting early-stage companies with newer technology or more established ones who can potentially be more advisory? Not only are there thousands of software companies in New York but there are also many different market researchers who rate these companies.

Different agencies use different criteria to rate software companies in New York. Some like Clutch and The Manifest require companies to apply and they then follow up with in-depth referencing. Others like goodfirms and upcity do their own research of what they deem to be the best developers. Their websites detail the different criteria they use. This ranges from experience, technology specialism to client reviews and market presence. The Manifest goes as far as listing former clients. This gives you a great idea as to what type of businesses and projects they have worked with and how these relate to you.

Have a look at the reviewers mentioned above and read the summaries of the top software companies in New York. This will give you an initial idea of how they might meet your requirements. However, 5 companies clearly stand out when cross-referencing the top company lists from different reviewers. The list below summarises these companies.

The Top Companies in New York


Founded in 2000, Icreon focuses on innovation and specializes in providing custom software solutions for growing businesses. Headquartered in New York, their team of around 100 offers digital strategy, experience design and engineering services. They are advisors, strategists and technologists who specialize in artificial intelligence, software, web and mobile development.


This enterprise software, web and mobile solutions company was established in 2003 and is headquartered in White Plains, NY, with offices in Massachusetts, Melbourne, Dubai and India. The team of around 250 people works with diverse businesses and is known for their professionalism. With a strong consulting background and solid maintenance capabilities, the team covers a range of technologies and software infrastructure. In fact, you can also discover all their latest know-how through their online white papers.


Saritasa started in 2005 in California before expanding into New York and Chicago. Their team of around 200 boasts just under 2000 successfully completed projects from across a range of industries. Saritasa is at the forefront of AR/VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality) and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions whilst also offering consulting to businesses in the US, Russia, and Vietnam. Their core values include innovation and using an iterative approach to develop their solutions.


Door3 began in 2002 in New York and is both a software developer and a technology consultancy. Their team of over 80 professionals works with companies of different sizes ranging from start-ups to S&P 500. Today, they can claim over 500 successful projects delivered across a range of industries. In addition, they are particularly known for their strong user experience approach.


With over 500 successful projects completed since their beginnings in 2009, Theodo follows lean and DevOps methodologies. Their aim is to deliver projects more quickly and effectively, which they do across a wide range of technologies. You can even attend their workshops where they share their learnings on how they specifically deliver reliably, whilst ensuring state-of-the art support and infrastructure for their developers. Working with Theodo will also allow you to access a truly global team due to their presence in London and Paris as well as New York.

Final Recommendations

Take your time when choosing a software solutions partner and be clear about your needs and criteria before you start. Naturally, you also want to make sure that you evaluate their expertise and offering. Your review should also include details of their approach, methodology and specialism. Whilst the companies listed here are some of the top software companies in New York, they might not necessarily be the perfect match for you.

Having said that, too much choice is also debilitating so simply choose a reviewer that you feel you can trust and start shortlisting. Whether you choose goodfirms, upcity, the manifest or clutch, you will have a solid list from which to start from. The next part is all about connecting and asking the right questions to your shortlisted companies.

It is worth remembering however, that there is no such thing as a wrong decision. The important part is how you respond to the consequences of your decision. With the level of software companies in New York higher than ever before, you cannot go too wrong. So go ahead and gather the data and talk to at least three or five companies. Finally, sometimes you also have to take a leap of faith.