Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Equip Your Own Ammo

Approaching the refill of pistol ammunition always involves many doubts and perplexities. Is it convenient? Why are there better results? The questions seem to never end. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 reasons why you should equip your own ammo and the refilling of ammunition for short firearms.

Top 5 reasons why you should equip your own ammo

We will answer the most frequent and important questions that shooting enthusiasts ask themselves about the refilling of domestic cartridges. We will see together when refilling our cartridges is worth it. And above all, what are the real advantages that we can get. Let’s begin!

Reasons Why You Should Equip Your Own Ammo

Simple Operation

It is not easy, but not impossible either. However, attention and a well-defined modus operandi are needed. There are distinct steps to follow, all of which are very important and require precise visual checks.

Let’s start by understanding what the components of a handgun cartridge are. Complete ammunition comprises four elements. They are cases, bullets, gunpowder, and triggers.

The case is the container that contains the other three elements. Intuitively, when we are about to reload. The first thing to do is to check the cases to make sure they are intact and not deformed.

Once our cases have been prepared and primed, we move on to weighing the right amount of gunpowder required by the reloading tables. In this stage, attention must always be at the highest levels. Then insert it into the case.

After inserting the powder in the shells, a fundamental rule is to check all the shells to exclude a double dose. Only after having made this verification, we proceed with the insertion of the bullet until reaching the standard height of the complete cartridge. The height of the finished ammunition can vary according to the projectile profile and the length which is predetermined and accepted by the magazines.


Why does it charge? Refilling your cartridges will allow you to save a lot. It is a factor to consider if you want to do frequent training sessions or if you like to shoot at the range with your gun.

Taking a concrete example, going only once a month to the shooting range, we can very well shoot about 200 cartridges. Considering that the average cost of a pack of 50 cartridges is about 40 dollars.

It means that our afternoon at the shooting range, just considering the cartridges, will cost us around 10 dollars. While if we top up them at home, we could pay even less than half.

Better Results

To say that refilled cartridges are better than commercial ones is a gamble. They are different. We design commercial cartridges to ensure perfect operation on all firearms chambered in a caliber.

It ensures the uniformity of results at the expense of a level of customization for each firearm or the needs of different shooters. The automatic loading of cartridges always foresees statistical tolerances that make it difficult to find a cartridge that is perfectly identical to the other.

Those who reload weigh the dose one by one. Trigger and check that the primers are correctly inserted in their seat. Then, check the bullets, making sure that they are homogeneous and of the same weight. Finally, you need to package your ammunition and test it in a special pad to check that it is right.

High Versatility

The refilled cartridges can be used in all situations that require many training sessions and many shots to be fired to keep our competitive level high. As we have seen, if we reload, we will spend less and could train more.

In the Action disciplines (TDS and IDPA), it is necessary to have ammunition that meets the regulatory requirements of the Power Factor. It can safely knock down the reactive iron targets and speed up the shooting action. It also has a controllable recoil.

Novel Experience

Many shooters reload not for savings or because they are agonists, but because they find reloading fun. Does it seem strange to you?

Refilling cartridges can become an important completion of our passion for shooting. It allows us to learn important ballistics concepts and then try them out in the field.

We will almost become alchemists. We will study the powders. We will analyze the reloading tables, we will choose the ideal dosage. We will check the cases, regenerating them, and priming them up to the ultimate control of the bullets.

A satisfaction that emerges after the fun in putting the pieces together and the meticulous dedication to checking them. The time comes to use our cartridges.

How to refill cartridges in complete safety?

To reload our ammunition in absolute safety, let’s start with good equipment. Better to buy a single station press. It is easier to use and able to make us understand operation after operation how the reconditioning of the case proceeds.

How to refill cartridges in complete safety?

The scale is a point of primary importance that you absolutely must not skimp. The traditional swing arm or electronic will make no difference. It must be an instrument of absolute reliability and therefore of guaranteed quality.

The place where we recharge is equally important. Whether it is our room or a corner of the house, the important thing is not to be distracted during the recharging phase. Distraction can cause irreparable damage. Make sure your charging station is tidy, convenient, and accessible only to you. It is essential to store the gunpowder in a safe and dry place.

Final Words

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should equip your own ammo. Establish things to do based on the time you have available, never rush things, and avoid leaving incomplete cartridges. If you’ve already put some powder in the shells, complete your ammo before leaving your charging station.

To conclude, before launching yourself into the charge by purchasing components and equipment, try to rely on someone you know, and with proven experience who can teach you at least the basics of charging, several armories also organize courses. If you do not know anyone who can do this, starting with a good manual is always the best thing to do. You can visit for more advice and best guides from expert hunters and shared based on expert opinions.