Top 5 Reasons Why Online Live Yoga Classes May Be the Perfect Fit for You


With the increasing popularity of Yoga, a lot of new ways to practice Yoga have been emerging. You can get a class on YouTube, download some lessons on your smartphone app, or sign up for any online yoga subscription. The monthly membership price at any of the Yoga studios is a bit pricey, and it is sometimes hard enough to make it to the class. Rather than giving up on the practice, it’s best to try online yoga classes.

Yoga is one of the best ways to de-stress, enhance strength, be flexible, strengthen your overall health and connect with your body. In addition, online courses are easily accessible at many affordable prices.

How do online classes work?

Online yoga classes often work as a live streaming class, along with on-demand videos.

  • Live streaming classes: Live streaming classes are done in apps like Zoom. The teacher teaches in a live streaming class where you can see your instructor, and they can also see you, the same as in-studio classes. Live streaming cases mainly cater to those looking for real-time interaction along with a sense of community and good connection.
  • On-demand videos: These are classes that are available as recorded. They generally have premium quality video and audio and are open to using whenever you want.

But when compared with on-demand videos, online live yoga classes may be perfect for you:

  • Live teachers: With pre-recorded yoga videos, you cannot interact with your yoga teachers, ask them questions, or receive feedback from a trustworthy professional. You will receive all that when you opt for a two-way live-streaming yoga class. Mostly in such courses, the teachers are screened, and only the best are permitted to teach. Also, the teachers can see how you are doing every pose during the classes. You are free to ask all sorts of questions and get immediate answers, along with feedback from some highly trained and experienced teachers.
  • No commuting: With online live classes, you will not have to commute to reach your yoga studio and, again, at the same time to reach your home back. You can practice Yoga from any corner of the world until you have a good internet connection. 
  • Cost-efficient: You will have various price options when enrolling in live online yoga classes. While some of them are paid per class, and some are all-inclusive members. You get the freedom to practice Yoga whenever you want. You will benefit from each practice session when you do it frequently. This highly encourages you to exercise more regularly. But an online yoga class is less expensive than offline classes.
  • Less daunting: Online live yoga classes are less intimidating than regular yoga classes as you get the convenience of your house or any other comfortable location. This is especially good for those who are new to Yoga. 
  • Travel-friendly: Online yoga classes are one of the best choices when you want to keep up with the yoga practice while away from home. Finalizing the time and space along with a motivation for exercising is very difficult when you are in any new place away from the routine. With online yoga classes, you can practice Yoga at any time and on any site by simply setting up your screen and following a flow. It becomes very simple to do Yoga when you are on the go, even if not effortless.
  • Develop a personal practice regime: The eventual aim of Yoga is a deep private practice. Yoga is an interior journey, and classes are one of the best ways to master the technique. When you have the self-assurance and the aptitude for experimenting with Yoga all on your own, you start growing. Online yoga classes help develop good habits of rolling out your yoga mat daily and continue practicing.
  • Best teachers: There is nothing like learning Yoga from the best instructor. Your body and mind remain active when you get more and more experience and keep up with your daily yoga practices. A good yoga teacher helps you in making good improvements in your exercise. A great instructor can bring a big difference, and most people look for teachers who are highly passionate about imparting good skills. Flexible online yoga classes from the best yoga school in rishikesh help you choose a teacher to customize the experience as per your performance.

It is true that when you include Yoga in your life, it makes you feel better and more active. Nowadays, many people are learning Yoga online and with just a little searching, you will find an excellent online yoga class. In addition, you get more benefits when you learn from popular teachers instead of being limited to that teacher in your area. The best thing is you can also opt for some free classes before you commit.

Supplementing your yoga practice with 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is one of the best ways to make it more convenient, constant, economical, efficient and challenging.