Top 5 reasons to invest in a safe for your home

People have been securing their cherished possessions inside safes – protecting them against theft, damage and loss – for centuries. However, over the years, security safes have evolved and they now boast many interesting features.

For example, there are fire safes that are great for storing documents, hard to replace items and valuable pieces of jewellery, and gun safes that are designed specifically for the storage of firearms and ammunition.

You also have the option of floor safes, wall safes and free-standing models.

Free-standing safes are the most common type of home safe sold with fixings so they can be bolted to the ground. Floor safes, on the other hand, are embedded into the floor – making it difficult for burglars to remove them – which means they are ideal for securing valuables. And wall safes are often concealed behind a bookshelf, painting or sliding panel and are especially useful for storing cash, documents and any other small valuables.

If you haven’t invested in a safe yet, read on to find out how safes can benefit your home.

5 reasons why you should have a safe in your home

  1. Security – the most common places burglars will look for valuables is in the bedroom. They’ll think nothing less than rifling through your drawers, emptying your closet and looking under the mattress. Therefore, the best thing you can do to protect your possessions against theft is to avoid such hiding spots. Instead, invest in a home safe and lock valuable items inside.
  • Versatility – from expensive pieces of jewellery to money, documents, electronics and medical supplies, you’d be surprised what items you can stow inside a safe! They come in various shapes and sizes and there are numerous locking mechanisms available – including the traditional key and lock, combination locks and biometric locks.
  • Fire protection – a fire can break out at any time and, when it does, nothing is safe from its wrath. So it’s a sensible idea to prepare for the worst and invest in a fire-resistant safe that will protect your valuables against fire damage. Fire safes have a rating attached to them and, generally, the higher the rating, the higher the level of protection it offers.
  • Flood protection – to our dismay, the UK is no stranger to heavy downpours and many areas are prone to flooding. With that said, you want to consider getting a safe that offers at least some water resistance because, if water manages to enter the safe, it can spoil the items held inside (especially documents and things that are susceptible to rust).
  • Peace of mind – arguably the most important reason to purchase a safe is that it offers peace of mind like nothing else. It adds an extra layer of protection for your valuables and puts your mind at ease that they are safe from theft, fire and damage.

Invest in a home safe today

If you’re thinking about buying a safe for your home, be sure to visit eSafes. They stock a comprehensive range of safes – including floor and wall safes, free-standing safes, fire safes, cash deposit safes and laptop safes – and guarantee some of the most affordable prices. What’s more, they provide free UK delivery on all orders to ensure you receive maximum value for your money.

When buying a home safe, it’s worth thinking ahead and opting for one that’s slightly bigger than you need. At least then, you needn’t worry about having to squeeze everything in and it enables you to store any additional items that you acquire over time.

Another thing to be mindful of when choosing a safe is the rating. Most safes these days have a cash rating that tells you how much cash or valuables you can keep in the safe. Others have a fire and/or water rating which shows how much heat or water the safe can withstand.