Top 5 popular Android Apps

Today’s best android apps are very hard to find. If you have just got a new android phone or need to find a way to reinvigorate an old one, a new app will do the job, but sorting through the thousands out there can be difficult. If you like to personalize your phone, you need to cover it with android apps that can massively help you change the way your smartphone looks from its original state.

Solid Explorer

This is the definitive file explorer app. It is one of the great browsers out there because it allows you to do so much. It features built-in encryption to encrypt your important files. It features dropbox and googles drive integration with the support for connecting to an external server of your own and a simple file with the support for exploring other partitions of your device through the root access. You need to pay a single-time license to use it, but it is one of the several paid android apps because it is worth it.

Google drive

This app is the cloud storage solution available on Android, where all the new users get the 14 to 15GB for free permanently upon signing up. Of course, you can purchase if more is needed. What makes this app so special is the suite of Android apps that are attached to it. They include many popular apps such as google sheets, google docs, Gmail, Google calendar, etc. you can also find more cloud storage apps here and more office apps here if you need something very different.


It is not very surprising to see Facebook is the topmost download app among all people. It is social networking for parents and also for developing nations. And the reactions from a well-meaning circle though mostly just the thumbs-ups.


This is one of the biggest among the popular apps platforms on the entire planet right now. You can check out the content from your favorite YouTubers, watch music videos, find functional videos, and even upload your own video if you are into the sort of things as well as accessing the creator tools. Youtube is an app that supports playing back videos in the largest resolution available for your smartphone and few features such as picture in picture mode.


This app is easily the most widely used messaging app globally, and it is pretty much standard means of communication between people in many places. It is not as a feature as some of its competitors, which has come under privacy concerns, but it wins because of its wide user-base of millions of users. This app is more than just messaging though it also features many like video calls and voice calls with up to eight people simultaneously. It is more beneficial to everyone.

Bottom line

Finally, without delay, the above-mentioned best android apps are currently available for you. Most people are relatively familiar with most of these apps. These apps have become more popular with Android, and if you are looking for the best stuff, then these are the best.


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