Friends are very special to all of us. When we cannot speak to our family members, even to our parents, friends are the ones who help us at that time. However, we often forget to thank them for all that they do for us. Therefore, friendship day is celebrated to honor this bond between you and your friends. On this day, you say thanks to your buddy with your gestures and gifts. Hence, this post included the top 5 personalised gifts for friendship day. Check them out without a further ado.  coffee lovers

  • Personalised Bracelet for girls

Appreciate your bond with your female friend this friendship day with this personalised bracelet for girls by Etchcraft Emporium. She can pair this fashionable bracelet with any dress, even with formals. It is sleek plus comfortable. Furthermore, its stainless steel base makes it long-lasting and safe to the wrist- no rash and irritation; it offers only superior comfort while wearing it. Apart from being a comfortable and alluring piece of jewellery, it is unique- all because if it’s laser engraved text customization. 

  • Personalised Kada for men 

Your male friends also deserve your love and appreciation so get this personalised kada for men from Etchcraft Emporium this friendship day. It is a trendy kada that he can wear with any outfit to get a fashion-forward and cool look. It looks high-end and there’s no compromise made on the comfort aspect. Add a special touch to your gift by engraving a sweet message or their nickname on it. They’ll love it! 

  •  Personalised Wooden Photo Frame

Be it your girl or boy friend, a personalised wooden photo frame is the best pick for friendship day gift. You definitely have good photos with your friends so you can get a frame designed for them. It can be customized by adding any text such as names of both of you or the date when you met for the first time. It will be a memorable gift for you as well as them. 

  • Personalised Car Keychain

A keychain is a good friendship day gift because it is very handy and useful for both girls and boys. However, don’t go for initial keychains because they are no longer in trend. To buy a stylish keychain for gifting, you can check out the collection of Etchcraft Emporium;  they have a personalised car keychain. The hanging part of the keychain is created like a car to make it an ideal car accessory. The uniqueness lies in its customizable VIN plate- anything can be added on the plate with laser technology. 

  • Personalised Car Cushion Cover 

The last friendship day gift idea on this list is also from Etchcraft Emporium and an accessory for cars. This is a personalised car cushion cover. The cushion is plush and offers great support to the user while the white cotton cover looks like a designer piece. The cushion cover is highlighted with a car print and it has stainless steel detailing- a VIN plate that is customizable with any text using laser light technology. The engraving improves its beauty. 


These 5 friendship day gift ideas are best to make your dear friends feel loved and special. With these gifts, you can easily convey your love and emotions to them. So, get any of these personalised gifts this year for them and strengthen your friendship!