Top 5 Newest Attractions to Cover in Dubai

Dubai is a delicate balance of old traditions and the newest attractions that will never let you leave this beautiful city. From flamboyant malls, and fascinating buildings and stunning masterpiece sightseeing’s Dubai never fails to attract travelers from all corners of the world. These newest places to visit will surely leave you mesmerized and guarantees a great vacation with Dubai tour packages. And let’s just say this city never sleeps as it consists of all of the world’s largest attractions, cultural shows, desert safari, and a lot more for a lifetime holiday experience. Get detailed information about all the newest places to explore in Dubai, Happy reading! 

Dubai Expo 2020 

Apart from showcasing the world’s largest attractions, biggest ventures, and opportunities Dubai tourism is also home to WORLD EXPO that brings all the different cultures on one platform. Dubai Expo 202o focuses on different themes and the world will see all the Pavilions in one go. So here are few reasons you shouldn’t miss out on visiting these Pavilions at Dubai Expo: 

– India Pavilion 

– UAE Pavilion 

– Ethiopia Pavilion 

– The Netherlands Pavilion 

– African Pavilion 

And here are 5 coolest things to check out in EXPO 2020: 

– Reverse Waterfall 

– Drone show at China Pavilion 

– Gardens in the sky 

– Watch Live Performances 

– Explore in Expo train 

Explore the best of the Dubai Expo and make the most of your holidays and make lifelong memories. 

Ain Dubai 

Ain Dubai being the world’s highest observation wheel in Dubai is all set to memorize travelers from 21st October 2021. Situated across the Jumeirah Beach Residences this giant wheel offers 360-degree views of Dubai’s stunning skyline. It is encircled by remarkable social and celebratory encounters, making it an absolute necessity visit fascination for all. Here are some must-know facts of Ain Dubai: 

–  A full rotation of Ain Dubai will take roughly 38- 40 minutes

–  At 250 meters, Ain Dubai is almost twice the height of the London Eye

–  Ain Dubai has a capacity for up to 1,750 passengers

–  For a special occasion, you can also book an entire cabin and make have a memorable time with your friends, family, and loved ones

–  Regular ticket price of Ain Dubai is DHS 130 adults and 10 DHS for children

–  Face masks are compulsory throughout the experience 

–  The maximum capacity of one cabin is 40 guests 

Explore this record-breaking and Instagram favorite attraction on your trip to Dubai. 

Burj Khalifa Sky Walk 

The Sky Walk Dubai is an addition to the newest attractions to explore in Dubai. So, now imagine walking in the sky with a majestic Dubai skyline. It’s another perception deck as well as perhaps the best thing to encounter in Dubai. This 30-meter walkway will surely leave you spellbound. Here are some of the most interesting fast facts of Burj Khalifa Sky Walk: 

– Sky Walk will be found on the sky bridge that links Sky view towers 

– Get Spectacular views of Burj Khalifa 

– Best attraction for adventure junkies 

– It consists of 169 classy hotel rooms, a rooftop pool, spa and so much more 

Make the most of your holidays by experiencing Sky Walk Dubai and take back a bag full of lifelong memories. 

Dubai Frame 

World’s Largest Picture Frame Opens in Dubai. Rising 150 meters from the most famous Dubai’s Zabeel Park Dubai Frame has officially opened in the UAE. This gigantic and eye-getting fascination offers all-encompassing perspectives on Dubai’s Skyline including Burj Khalifa. Here are some of the most important and interesting things you need to know about Dubai Frame: 

–  It is designed as “Golden Rectangle” 

–  Most popular spot to watch fireworks 

–  The height of Dubai Frame is 150 meters 

–  As per the reports approximately 2 million tourists are expected to witness Dubai Frame each year 

–  This newest attraction in Dubai provides differentiating perspectives on a city’s past, present, and future.

 Visit and witness this iconic structure in Dubai that never fails to impress travelers from across the world. 

Sky Dining Dubai 

Listed amongst the 10 most unusual restaurants in the world Sky Dining Dubai sets a record. Being situated in Dubai Marina this dining option boasts some of the best views of the city’s stunning skyline. Here’s everything you need to know about Sky Dining Dubai: 

–  Sky Dining will serve 3-course menu including fresh juices, soft drinks, tea and coffee

–  Minimum 8 years old can participate in this activity 

–  One should wear appropriate and comfortable clothes according to the weather

Take photos from the suspended table and get the stunning view of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and the Burj Al Arab. 


Hence, we can say that Dubai never fails to mesmerize travelers as it makes itself extraordinary, modest, and achievable. Explore the best of the megacity with Dubai tour packages as it includes all the above places to visit in Dubai. Hope you liked the article. Thank you!