Top 5 must visit a heritage site in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a place well-known for the famous heritage sites. It holds the natural beauty that you can find nowhere else in the world. Don’t you want to explore that beauty? Are you thinking of witnessing their peace and historical view? Well, everyone wants to go and spend life in Southeast Asia.

Currently, this area is considered for jumpstarting International tourism. It’s Southeast
Asia as you’ve always imagined: it is wrapped in rainforests, edged by golden sands, crowned by volcanoes, studded with ruins of lost civilizations. Seems fantastic, isn’t it? Of course, it’s worth visiting. If you are finding a nice and quiet place, where you can refresh your soul and get out of all the stress in life then Southeast Asia is an amazing option.

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You can get a Vietnam – Cambodia tour with an incredible package that can arrange easily based on your desired attractions and length of stay. No matter how long the tour is, you surely will visit all the heritage sites of southeast Asia with the best guidance. If you are time-limitation free, or just simply want to discover everything that Southeast Asia has to offer, book the tour for at least 3 weeks but even when you don’t have much time to travel, 8 days is quite fine to take a quick look at the most outstanding places of these countries. So let’s discuss some beautiful places below and plan for your trip to Southeast Asia.


Cambodia is a Southeast Asia country really well known for its tourism industry with the ancient temple complexes that are recognised by UNESCO as World Historical Heritage, or the alluring white sandy beaches with transparent blue water. If you are experiencing holidays in Cambodia, you must be cautious about the top places to visit and make your trip worthy and memorable. You can start with the temples of Angkor Wat. It is rated as the world’s most see ancient cities. It will take approximately three days to explore and understand its religious construction thoroughly. 

In these three days, you will get to know all about the temples and can see the buzzing coastline of sandy white beaches that you certainly do not want to miss. Sihanoukville beaches have a lot to offer for every beach lover. The vibrant beach resort will escalate your trip to another level. You can also visit Ratanakiri, Banteay chhmar. It will take about fourteen days to explore Cambodia thoroughly. You can also avail different trip packages to make your trip more organized.

Another place to visit in Phnom Penh, a city with chaotic streets and buzzing bikes and cars for visitors, is the destination of the cafe and restaurants.


 All those who are looking for the perfect picture should never skip a visit to Thailand. The place offers so many beautiful destinations for travelers and couples. If you are in Thailand and cannot decide where to go, so go for Koh Phangan first. And if you are an animal lover, Khao Yai national park is a worth considering option to explore the famous sambar deer and Asian black bears. You can also enjoy the waterfall hidden in the forest or immerse in the stunning nature of Thailand here.

Bangkok and Koh Phi Phi are popular destinations famed for beaches, limestone cliffs, and perfect atmosphere. It is considered the heart of Thailand. While Chiang Mai is the second most beautiful city for nature, you can enjoy incredible things to eat here with so many mouth watering Thai cuisine. 

If you want to buy jewelry or different kinds of stuff, Pais is a perfect place for it. Thailand is also famous for Rock climbers. Railay is the hill station where most of the world climbers choose for their adventure. If you are a peaceful and calm lover, you must visit the Sukhothai. It’s a beautiful place with ancient temples that give history.


When thinking about visiting Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City certainly jumps to a lot of travelers’ minds first. It is the most energetic city in Vietnam well known for its food and restaurants. Food lovers, Ho Chi Minh city is definitely the destination for you while Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, describes the history with the museums at every turn. The city is more quiet, with a slower lifestyle gives you the vibe of the old capital life and the most authentic culture of Viet people.

For hikers, the best place is the Sapa countryside, if you love hiking and want to fulfill your desire, it is the right place for you. For relaxation and enjoying the most peaceful place, Ba Be national park is the most highlighted. The three interlinked lakes at the heart of the area are just stunning.

For more fun, you can add the Mekong River to your list. It is a fascinating place for tourists. The site is full of local markets and most interestingly you can explore it on the boat.How can we forget the fishing spot? Mui Ne will offer you even more than that.  Nha Trang is excellent for the swimming areas and sunbathing, and there are many more places you can visit to make your vacation memorable.


Bali is a versatile mixture of charming scenery and atmosphere. It is known as the island of the heavenly like beauty and sea views, wild nightlife, and incredible resorts will understand why it is a must place to visit once you go there.

However, the thousand islands country has more things to discover than Bali only. Visit Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia is the most active city in this beautiful country. Coming to Jakarta, you can feel the authentic urban lifestyle, as well as visit the outstanding buildings here to know more about the history and culture of Indonesian.

In the center of Java island, Yogyakarta and Semarang are the best destinations to discover the culture and religious attractions of Indonesia. The ancient temples, the pagodas, churches, markets and old towns are so adorable, and help you gain so much knowledge about Indonesian culture and local life.

Ban Dung, Sumantra, Surabaya, Tengara and so many other natural destinations of Indonesia will make you miss this Southeast Asia country so much.


Talking about Laos, that will be a huge mistake not mentioning Vientian, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang or Pakse. The cultural diversity and historical scenery at Luang Pabang and Vientian are the reasons most people visit. But if you are a sort of adventurer, Vang Vieng and Pakse can offer you a lot of interesting and thrilling things to discover. 


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