Top 5 Must-Have Features to Build a Successful Massage App

In this fast-paced world, it’s natural to get tired for a human being working throughout the week, 10 hours a day. It would be icing on the cake, if he/she gets a chance of having a relaxing massage on weekend to tear out weariness in the comfort of their home or at a spa or massage parlour nearby/on their way home.

Nowadays, people are saner and more aware of their health and body. They don’t think much when it comes to their health and well-being. And be ready to give their body and mind what is needed. Therefore, the demand for spa and massage services has grown to a greater extent within the last few years.

If the reports are to be believed the market size of massage services has grown up to 15.75 billion US dollars in the year 2020 and keep on rising with each passing year.

If you are a successful massage service provider or an entrepreneur wishing to venture into this billion-dollar industry, this is the right time to invest in the creation of a massage app. An app solution that can avail users of on-demand massage services at a spa/massage parlour or the comfort of their home. But one thing that should be in your mind or part of your planning is the inclusion of must-have and most demanded features, which ensure the success of a massage app solution.

You can attain this feat with the help of an experienced massage app development company offering top-notch on-demand massage app development services for years. You just need to conduct in-depth market research to find your ideal technology partner depending on your project requirements, budget and time.

Once you have selected your app development partner to fulfil your massage app development requirement, it will take care of all your concerns associated with the creation of a successful massage app solution for your business.

Still, you need to pack your business-centric, on-demand massage app with a set of features that are easy to use and make the overall user experience smooth. From booking an appointment to taking services at their convenience to make payment and so on.

Here in this blog, we will shed light on features, which are must-haves to launch a successful massage app solution for a startup or existing spa or massage service provider in this competitive online market.

Top 5 Features That Ensure Success of a Newly Launched Massage Application

Let’s have a look at the top 5 features which are necessary to include if you want to make your massage app solution popular and successful in the market.

  1. Appointment Booking in A Few Taps

Whenever a user comes to your massage mobile app, he/she should be able to book a massage appointment with just a few clicks on their smartphone. The appointment booking feature plays a vital role in creating an overall user experience with the app solution. If the appointment booking feature is seamless and hassle-free and don’t consume much of the user’s valuable time, the app solution will definitely turn out to be a successful one. Therefore, don’t forget to add this feature as a must-have in your massage app development solution.

  1. Manage Bookings

It is also part of the features list that ensures the success of a newly built massage app solution. This feature should work for both entities- the customer and the massage service provider (therapist). If talking about the customer, he/she should be able to see their appointment for a massage and get notifications and alerts when their appointment for a massage is near. Also, they should be availed with the ease of appointment cancellation if required due to any reason.

On the other hand, the therapist should also be provided with the option of managing bookings. He/she should be given the power of accepting or denying a booking request as per availability and will. Once checking the details of the made massage booking.
Also, they should be allowed to cancel the appointment. On the contrary, the customer should be allotted a new therapist or provided with a refund as per his/her choice.

This feature takes care of both the entities, the working therapists and the service-seeking customers. Therefore, the feature of managing bookings is a must if you want to build a successful massage app solution.

  1. On-demand Massage

If you want to be a successful massage service provider, you should offer your clients the facility of on-demand massage. For a better understanding of yours, if a customer wants to have a massage service within an hour or two, he doesn’t have to wait for a massage on the weekend. He/she should be availed of the service instantly and the therapist should reach the customer’s location with all the supplies in the least time possible.

  1. Advance Search

It is one of the must-have features nowadays in any mobile app solution offering products or services. Thanks to the availability of different filters and sorting options, this feature of advanced search avail users to find out the exact product or services they are looking for, without losing their cool and time.

In massage services apps, the same concept avails clients to put various filters like the type of massage, gender of the therapist, budget, etc. to filter their search and get the massage services of their choice from their favourite therapists.

  1. Therapist Information

Whenever a massage request is made, the customer should not be assigned a massage therapist right away, based on the provided customer details like the type of massage, time, and location. He/she should be provided with a list of therapists available during the time the service is demanded.

The customer should be allowed to choose from the available therapists by going through their profiles, knowing their names, seeing their image, experience, expertise, and other essential information to choose their therapist according to their wish.

Other than providing users with the therapists’ information, they should be provided with the option of favorite. Using this, they can save their favorite massage therapists according to varied requirements and can make massage booking quicker the very next time.

  1. Payment Gateways

When users are availing services and products online through websites or online then why would they pay offline or in cash? The payment should also be done online. Therefore, the on-demand massage mobile app you are going to provide your customers should be integrated with a number of payment gateways. That allows them to make payments via credit cards, debit cards, net banking, app wallet, UPIs, and other prevailing options available in the market. And make payment processing for the requested massage services seamless and quicker.

  1. In-App Chat

When dealing with on-demand massage appointments, there could be scenarios where customers or therapists have to connect for various concerns like the type of massage, used oil, appointment time, location, and more. The availability of an option that could offer the ease of in-app communication through chat or call would be a blessing for both the customers and the therapists to communicate and resolve several associated issues with massage therapy.

Closing Words

These are the must-have features if you want to build a successful massage app for your spa or massage business. Don’t forget to include these features in your massage app solution. Also, strive to provide your customers with an exclusive and whole new range of features. It will help you attract more customers out of the competition. Your app development partner will efficiently develop the same within the projected timeline, thanks to their years of experience and team of robust massage app developers. If you are in search of such an experienced team of developers, you can approach top massage app development companies serving global clientele for more than 10+ years in the market. Hope, you like the blog and find the provided information useful to bring your massage app idea into reality. For more informative content, stay tuned with us.

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