Top 5 Movies Apps For Android-iOS

So, we have decided to figure out the best five movie streaming apps for your android phones. The list includes free + premium apps so, some of these apps are also premium, and you need to buy their subscription to enjoy unlimited movie streaming. We will discuss each of the products briefly.

These apps are considered best globally since these apps provide the content of almost every country. Therefore, you will get countless content here since these apps include the content of every country that exists on earth. I’ve already told you that some of these apps need a buying subscription, so that I will mention each app’s category separately.

Why do people watch movies? The question is very common, but the answer is that these movies are based on real-life incidents like, Have you ever watched Titanic movie so, Titanic movie is based on a real-life event. The Titanic was sinking in 1912, but its documentary type movie was launched in 1997. I love to watch it.

People love to watch movies to entertain themselves. We remain busy in our normal life and hardly get the time to relax so, moves & TV shows are used to keep you relax & entertain at the same time so, that’s why people love to watch movies. Different types of movies are available like Action, Adventure, Horror and comedy so, it depends on the taste of every person to prefer any specific type.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is got the first spot. Netflix deserves the first spot; everyone prefers the content available on Netflix, but there is a problem with it; Netflix only provides the movies & TV series service after subscription, so it is a premium service. However, I like the content available on Netflix.

It provides different service and provides different screen account. The video quality is not compromised here since it provides very high quality, and it streams the video in Ultra HD video quality.

Pricing is different for different packages. It demands more money, the more you prefer the quality. There are three different video quality accounts. Most premium account streams the video in Ultra HD resolution. 2nd subscription contains HD resolution with fewer watching screens. The HD resolution is not bad since its average quality is also better than other movie streaming apps.

Netflix is not famous for streaming only movies, but its popularity is more for the TV Seasons available on it. For example, I like to watch the “Elite” TV series available on it. You will get 100 different TV seasons on NetFlix.

  • Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is also amazing movies & TV seasons streaming app, and the app is officially developed & provided by Amazon. It would help if you bought a premium subscription to Amazon prime as well. The 2nd service is also not free. The company charges 8-10$ dollars for subscribing to its package for one month.

Amazon prime will charge another 10$ for renewing the subscription for 2nd month. We’ve heard that they provide a discount for a long term package, but since I’ve not used it personally so, I can’t claim it, but these are some rumors spreading everywhere.

Amazing content is published on Amazon prime, and I’ve watched a few seasons available on it. Since I belong to Asia, there is one Asian season available on Amazon prime named “Mirzapur”. Mirzapur contains two seasons. I am fond of watching this season since its content quality is amazing. Therefore, I’m also suggesting you watch this season as well.

  • ShowBox App

ShowBox app is a mixture of Netflix & Amazon prime because the content available on ShowBox is amazing and combined. ShowBox app provides free service and does not charge money, so if you want to enjoy the free streaming, what are still you looking for?. Install the Showbox app on your android phone right away.

The video quality is very premium here, so; don’t think that if they are providing free service, then the quality is compromised since ShowBox also provides Ultra HD video resolution. So, if you compare the quality and the pricing, I must suggest choosing the Showbox app because it is free.


HDTV Live is an Indian app, and it provides quality content. Most of the movies are available on this product. The app covers most of the movies industries like Hollywood, Bollywood and Chinese content. The movies streaming is provided in different languages, and English is also available for sure.

The app is not only limited to movies streaming only but also provides TV channels live streaming. I’ve used the apps, and it provides most of the sports channels so, if you are fond of sports games, then install the app on your phone. The service is also free and does not need any subscription.

  • RepelisHD TV

RepelishHDtv is a Spanish brand it provides movies only in the Spanish language. 2 other languages are also available. Still, those languages are also similar to Spanish so, enjoy Spanish content on this app. Its majority traffic is from European countries like Spain and Mexico.

I want to clarify that the movies available on this app are from different movie industries, but all movies are dubbed in the Spanish language. Get the RePelisHD app from the linked source. The source provides the latest version released by the developer.