Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for the UK Visa

No matter how thoroughly you research online, you may make mistakes while applying for a UK visa. When you consult with a professional UK immigration consultant in Dubai, you will get to know that your knowledge is not sufficient for obtaining a visa for your dream country. Besides, we have highlighted some common mistakes that can forewarn you if you are about the make the same. 

 So, continue reading for more details. 

1.     Using the Wrong Visa Application Form

The immigration regulations and laws of the UK are constantly changing and so as the application forms. Hence, you must use the right form to avoid delays or rejections. If you or your consultant does not use the latest visa application form, then the risk of your application to be considered invalid will become higher. Additionally, it can have a huge impact on your future possibilities of making the visa application to live in the UK. Simply put, it can be a costly mistake. You should understand that the UK immigration visa applications can be extremely complex and may take numerous months to prepare. So, you must check out with the official website of the UK government to make sure you are using the right application form. Therefore, you must count on the best UK immigration consultant in Dubai.

 2.     ‘DIY’ Experts

What you usually do when your car has some issues or if you have a major leakage at home? You surely contact a professional who understands things better than you do! Some people think that searching on Google can solve all their problems but it is not the case when it comes to the visa application. Thus, hiring a trusted and certified UK immigration consultant will help you with the application process because they understand the immigration rules quite well. Many people avoid hiring such professionals just to avoid the fees/costs involved. But remember, if you think that the cost of hiring an immigration consultant is high, then the appeal cost is even higher if it is refused or rejected by the concerned authorities. So, do not become a DIY EXPERT when it comes to the UK immigration application.

 3.     Asking ‘HOME OFFICE’ to Provide You With Legal Advice

This is yet another common mistake people make while filling the immigration visa application for the UK. You should understand that the HOME OFFICE operates for general queries only, it cannot provide you with legal advice. You cannot also give a try if you do not believe us! You will get to hear that we cannot provide you with any legal advice. So, what is the solution for this? Well, you can connect with a trusted immigration agency in Dubai for the UK as they also have a team of immigration lawyers who can offer legal advice for your particular case. We only suggest you not to call on the Home Office number as it will only waste your and their time.

 4.     Giving the Wrong English Exam

Well! It might look the smallest but the most frustrating one as giving the incorrect English exam will not help you in any way, leading your visa application to rejection. Since the English requirements may vary from one visa application to another and so as the English test (depending on the country you belong to). Furthermore, if you are below 18 years and over 65 years of age having a nationality from one of the major English-speaking countries along with a UK degree, then you will not require sitting in any exam. Similarly, for the spouse visa, you will need to clear the Secure English Language Test or SELT. So, to know which exam you will need to appear in, you ask your UK immigration consultant in Dubai.

 5.     Using an Unauthorized UK Immigration Agent, Adviser, or Lawyer

Nothing is worse than hiring a fake or unauthorized professional by your side while filling the immigration visa application for the UK as they can make the whole process even more complicated. Before finalizing, you should check the certification/license, qualification, experience, and skills of the professional to make sure that they will not create any unnecessary issues for you.

Closing Remarks-

At first sight, the UK visa application process might seem easy and straightforward until you make one of these mistakes which can cost you hundreds and thousands of pounds and destroy your immigration dreams. So, keep these points in your mind and hire the best UK immigration consultant in Dubai to move to and settle in this beautiful country.