Top 5 Ludo Gaming Platform in India

Working from home culture and frequent lock downs have recently created boredom or dullness in people’s minds. But after the advent of online Ludo games, people are using them for their entertainment. Thanks to Ludo game developers who made it possible to play Ludo online, that is why more and more people engage with it via their smartphones. 

Ludo gaming platforms offer not only enjoyment but also earning chances. This is the most appealing aspect of the game. There is doubt in the minds of gamers about which platform is best for playing Ludo games. Therefore, we will glance over the top five Ludo gaming platforms and some related aspects.

What is a Ludo game?

Basically, the Ludo game is played mostly by four players. Every player in this game engages in completing a full round of the board with their four chips. Someone who traverses an entire round of cardboard with his chips in first place wins the game. Most people play the Ludo game on cardboard, thus it is a kind of board game.

Historical Background of a Ludo game?

The inception of the Ludo game was in India. The game has existed more than 5000 years earlier. Mahabharata is a famous epic in which it was mentioned first. It was connected to the contemporary world through the Mughal emperor Chaucer. It passed to Europe in terms of Ludo in 1896. 

How to play a Ludo game online?

To play a Ludo game is very simple. For this, you see these steps.

  • You can set the position of your token as the number appears on the face of a dice. If a six comes, you will get another turn. 
  • You can capture the position of your opponents by overriding them. The overriding one will reach its starting position if this happens.
  • Until the complete round of four tokens is not fulfilled, you will not win the game.

What are the best five Ludo gaming platforms in India?

To Play Ludo game is full of enthusiasm and killing of boredom. Apart from that, you can earn money or real cash from the game by winning tournaments and challenges. So here is the list of the top five Ludo gaming platforms in India.

1. Dhamaal Games

Since its inception, Dhamaal games have been working effectively as one of the best Ludo gaming platforms. It serves as the finest portal for players to play Ludo games.

Key Characteristics of Dhamaal Games

  • Provision of anti-fraud system
  • Social engagement Options.
  • Highly secure payment gateways
  • Engaging user graphics
  • Cross functionality for different platforms, including Windows, Android or iOS.
  • Forum of live gaming. 
  • Options for entry of multiple players simultaneously.
  • Fast and unique board
  • Existence of online and offline mode.
  • Having an effective sound and 3D display.

2. MPL’s Ludo Attack

Ludo Attack is one of the most famous Ludo gaming platforms and offers a variety of exciting tournaments and rewards. It has lots of attractive elements and surprises for engaging users on its portal.

Key Features of MPL’s Ludo Attack

  • Compete with live players. 
  • A free chance of games is present for trial purposes.
  • Numerous real money challenges.
  • Massive offering bonuses and monetary prizes.
  • Fully safe and secure platform.
  • Instant processing of the withdrawal.
  • Payment gateways have the provision of smoothing running of various payment mediums.
  • Daily cash winnings. 

3. Ludo Star

Ludo star has developed by Gameberry labs in 2017. Since its beginning, it has been engaging lots of gamers across the world. That is why we can say that it is one of the most reputed Ludo gaming platforms.

Specialities of Ludo Star

  • Login with Facebook and invite friends from it.
  • Play with random players in 2 or 4 players matches.
  • Download without investing any penny.
  • Feels like 3D Ludo with 3D dice
  • Add new people as a game buddy.
  • Play in both online and offline mode.
  • Play with numerous versions: Master, Quick, and Classic.
  • Play with chat and send messages to other players. 
  • Eject out one before coming into the playing room, and twice of pieces. 

4. Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja was established in 2020. It offers a variety of Ludo classic tournaments to its audience. Not only a secure and anti-fraudulent system but also has advanced features, it has. 

Some of the features of Ludo Ninja

  • The attractive new format includes a skill-based format.
  • Play 24×7 with verified real players
  • 100% fair and 100% safe.
  • Refer and earn.
  • Safe, instant deposits and withdrawals
  •  The limited number of cash and take home cash.

5. Ludo King

Ludo King comes under the category of the popular Ludo game forum. It supports both Android and iOS. The special characteristic of Ludo King is that everyone can play Ludo games online in an offline mode.

The Unique Features of Ludo King

  • Offline play is available.
  • Capability for 2 to 6 players.
  • Create your own game room. 
  • Chat with your buddies
  • Emoji chat is in existence.
  • Earn daily rewards and bonuses.
  • Live dealer mode is available.
  • Make buddies and play Ludo games online and offline. 

Final Thoughts

A Ludo game is a very exciting and absorbing leisure activity. But for those who are aware of how to play Ludo online or offline, This is not only a channel of enthusiasm but also an earning portal. If you want to earn money with engagement, you can avail yourself of the above-mentioned list of the top five Ludo game platforms. These forums offer you an exciting, real-time playing, challenging system for your competitors, and a chance to grab lucrative bonuses. So do not wait, let’s start to play on these top Ludo gaming platform giants.

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