Top 5 Logo Design Trends for 2020

Logo designing is a significant component of graphic designing, but when it comes to logo design trends, they usually don’t change too frequently. This is because logos are long-lasting and more stable than other graphic designing elements. They can last up to a decade or even more until the brand decides to redesign its logo. However, designers have to focus on all the different aspects of logo designing to create modern and lifelong logos.
There are innumerable trends regarding the art of logo design, but here are 5 of the most top trending logo designing approaches you should look forward to in 2020.


1. The Classic Black and White

Black and white logos are classy and never go out of style. Its simplicity and chicness go hand in hand to attract everyone who sees it. Most of the time, logo designers craft a color version as well as a black and white version of the same logo because this dynamic duo speaks louder than the colors can ever for many different industries.


2. 3D Gradients

Since the birth of gradients, they have always been a wonderful choice to create a dynamic spectrum of attractive hues that gives depth and energy to the logo. In this modern era of technology, this is a great option to give logo designing a new turn by adding 3D effects in it. When working on this type of logos, you need to be very careful about choosing your color scheme; it shouldn’t be harsh on the eyes or make the viewers feel dizzy. It should be attractive and appealing.


3. Animated Cartoon

Cartoon logos and animation spark fun, happiness, and optimism. For such businesses that can relate to these traits, cartoon logo is a perfect choice and it’s even seen to attract clients right away. When it comes to animation, it boosts the excitement and the relationship between potential consumers and the brand.


4. Multi-layered Logos

2020 has open doors for overlapping, deeper logos where there is a layer under layer creating a stunning blend of colors. This design can go flat, semi-flat or even 3D, it all depends on what makes the brand looks amazing. In this case, simplicity is key because multi-layered logos with too many harsh effects can be unpleasant and may not be as attractive as we want them to be. Make use of shadows, highlights, overlapping where colors speak the voice of the brand itself.


5. Unusual Typography

Experimenting with fonts and text has always been a big trend and 2020 is the right time to launch new experiment logos. Unusual fonts and typography suits almost every industry and they are as perfectly vivid as the personalities of the brands they speak. In fact, there is a huge demand for such type of logo fonts because it is an easy way to make your brand unique.

Logos are long-lasting, but it is never too tale to consider a redesign. Choose one of these top logo designing trends to make your brand stand out and shine bright.