Top 5 Leading Augmented Reality Solution Providers


The rapid advancement of augmented reality (AR) technology has sparked an e-commerce revolution. By seamlessly integrating digital elements with the real world, AR provides immersive and interactive experiences that transform product showcasing. The heightened product visualization empowers customers to make informed purchasing decisions like never before.

Statistics reveal that businesses incorporating AR into their e-commerce platforms witness a staggering 94% increase in conversion rates. This figure emphasizes the profound impact AR can have on driving sales and enhancing the overall shopping experience. Embracing this technology is not just a passing trend but a strategic move to differentiate oneself in an increasingly competitive market.

In this blog, we will explore augmented reality, introducing you to the top 5 solution providers in the field. Discover their unique services and unlock the full potential of AR for your eShop, delivering unparalleled buying experiences to customers. Get ready to embark on a journey that unravels the transformative power of AR and witnesses how it shapes the future of e-commerce.

The Pioneers Transforming Augmented Reality: Our Top 5 Picks

1. MatriX AR Hub™

MatriX AR Hub™ is a reputable AR solution provider offering a wide range of services for eShops. They specialize in creating high-quality 3D and Augmented Reality models that enhance product showcasing. Sellers can seamlessly integrate AR into their eShops, providing buyers with immersive and engaging experiences. MatriX AR HubTM offers customization options, detailed analytics, and seamless integration, helping eShop owners gain a competitive edge.

AR Model Hosting: MatriX AR Hub™ offers an innovative AR model hosting feature that seamlessly integrates with the cloud. This feature allows customers to conveniently store their 3D product models and effortlessly interact with them for simplified purchase decisions. With just a few simple product image uploads, our powerful AI technology enables immersive showcasing in augmented reality or easy downloading of 3D files.

AR Model Creation: AR Model Creation is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to create customized 3D augmented images, significantly boosting product visibility. Using 3D AR models enhances product appeal by showcasing them from unique perspectives, offering engaging experiences like transforming a 3D model into a video-linked button.

Digital Asset Management: MatriX AR Hub employs Digital Asset Management to effectively manage product status, ensure quality control, and regulate supplier access in its workflow. This enables the system to maintain accurate and current product information, uphold quality standards, and manage supplier details efficiently.

Cosmetic Try On: The MatriX AR Hub™ Cosmetic try on revolutionizes the beauty industry through its cutting-edge AI-powered technology. Customers can now explore many beauty options, such as makeup, hairstyles, skincare routines, stunning nail art, and more. With personalized recommendations and the convenience of teleconsultation, MatriX AR Hub™ ensures an unparalleled and customized beauty experience that will leave you feeling your very best.

2. Augment

Augment is your go-to AR solution provider, empowering eShops to create stunning 3D models and AR content for products. With their easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, sellers can effortlessly create AR content without coding experience. Integrate Augment with your e-commerce platform and leverage detailed analytics to enhance user engagement and drive conversion.

AR Viewer:  Augment’s AR Viewer enables you to experience your products in augmented reality, utilizing the latest advancements in AR via support for ARKit and ARCore. The AR Viewer can be accessed through their dedicated app or seamlessly integrated into your applications.

Places: Augment’s Places platform allows you to create immersive and captivating augmented reality simulations. With stunning visuals and interactive experiences, you can instantly deploy AR content across various locations to build a truly unique environment. Augment’s built-in analytics dashboard offers a powerful tool to analyze the success of your AR campaigns.

3. Poplar Studio

Poplar Studio is a state-of-the-art technology platform reshaping the retail landscape with its unrivaled shopping experiences. Leveraging cutting-edge visualization technology empowers customers to delve into products with unparalleled detail through immersive 3D and augmented reality (AR) previews. This groundbreaking innovation enhances sales and minimizes returns across diverse domains, including e-commerce websites, social commerce platforms, and the thrilling metaverse, where digital interactions reach unprecedented heights.

AR e-commerce services: Their end-to-end 3D and AR virtual commerce solutions enable customers to visualize products in 3D and AR, driving conversions. Integration of AR into an e-commerce website is as simple as adding a single line of code.

AR Marketing Services: Poplar Studio offers interactive AR and 3D campaigns to help businesses boost brand awareness and engage targeted audiences. Users can enjoy face filters, augmented reality adventures, mini-games, portals, and image trackers for an immersive experience.

4. Threekit

Threekit is a cutting-edge visual commerce platform that empowers businesses to create and deliver immersive, interactive product experiences. Utilizing their augmented reality (AR) solution, customers can conveniently preview products in their space before purchasing. This innovative approach minimizes returns and enhances customer satisfaction.

Threekit’s AR solution stands out due to its user-friendly interface and compatibility with any eCommerce platform. Moreover, it boasts many features, including 360° product views, customizable options, and guided selling, greatly enhancing the overall customer experience.

For e-commerce purposes: Threekit for Retail offers an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience that showcases visually stunning products with real-time personalization. By allowing customers to place custom products in relevant scenes and environments, they can explore the entire catalog in AR, bringing their shopping experience to life.

For manufacturing purposes: Threekit’s B2B Manufacturing solution revolutionizes manufacturers’ sales and marketing processes through interactive 3D configurators, AR experiences, and virtual showrooms. This comprehensive solution enhances manufacturing efficiency by automating tasks such as generating CAD files and improving team collaboration.

5. ViewAR

ViewAR is a robust 3D and AR platform specially designed for eShops. With ViewAR, users can effortlessly showcase their products in AR, as the platform supports a wide range of 3D models. Gain deep insights into user engagement and the effectiveness of AR campaigns through the comprehensive analytics ViewAR provides.

SERVICE AR: SERVICE AR is a comprehensive application that optimizes service and maintenance processes with seamless data visualization. It offers a range of cutting-edge features, including maintenance tours, remote assistance, and work instructions. Leverage these capabilities to prevent downtime and elevate service quality.

INDOAR: INDOAR is an advanced indoor navigation system that enhances physical locations. It enables users to access digital routes and additional content like text, videos, and 3D objects on their devices for seamless navigation. Whether finding the shortest path or setting up predefined routes for onboarding and training, INDOAR effectively streamlines workforce navigation.

HELPAR: HELPAR revolutionizes remote guidance with its efficient collaboration solution. By combining video streaming and augmented reality (AR) technology, HELPAR superimposes computer-generated visuals onto the user’s camera image. This enables seamless interactions and provides a more immersive assistance experience, facilitating effective remote assistance.

Choosing the Right AR Solution Provider for Your Business

When selecting an AR solution provider for your business, it is vital to consider several key factors:

1. Features and capabilities:

Can they deliver a consistent experience across multiple platforms? Do they offer customization options for a tailored user experience? Will their solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems?

2. Customer support and scalability:

How frequently do they update their software? What level of feedback can you expect from them? Do they possess sufficient resources to address any potential issues?

3. Pricing models and payment terms:

Inquire about their pricing structure and their plans for accommodating future expansion.

4. Security:

Gain a clear understanding of how data is stored and shared within their software. Also, ask about encryption methods and authentication protocols, such as two-factor identification or biometric verification.

Considering these guidelines, you can ensure that your organization receives incredible value from augmented reality while maintaining data security with a reliable AR provider.


The growing adoption of augmented reality (AR) technology in e-commerce offers an exciting opportunity for eShops to elevate customer engagement. By leveraging the services of industry-leading AR solution providers discussed in this blog post, sellers can carefully select the most suitable partner to meet their AR requirements. Through strategic integration of AR into their business strategies, eShops can deliver an exceptional purchasing experience to customers. Embrace the potential of AR and unlock endless possibilities in the world of e-commerce!

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