Top 5 Job Skills to Acquire Through Online Courses

The COVID-19 pandemic has created turmoil in our lives.


Things have changed so much.


Social distancing, facial masks, and frequent hand washing have become the norm now. And the biggest change inflicted on us is that we have to remain indoors most of the time, going out only if necessary. 


Amidst all these changes due to the pandemic, are the changes in technology. It is a technology that has proved integral and essential to us in so many ways now. 


It lets you safely do your shopping from home, have food delivered, and even let you work from home instead of taking the risk of traveling to work.


Technology has also helped the government in the fight against the pandemic. There are so many apps and methods that help monitor and suggest new and specific methods to help contain the virus. 


Modern technology has also helped businesses come up with new techniques to make effective use of the collected data. With these technological leaps and bounds come the many new and better online courses and job opportunities it has created. 


1.   Cloud

The IT infrastructure depends mainly on the cloud.


Instinet’s March 2020 study mentions that 68% of CIOs consider migrating to Cloud their top priority. Gartner had in fact coincidentally predicted a 17% growth in the demand for cloud services in 2020.


So it’s no surprise that it’s predicted that cloud migration will have to be quickened because of the pandemic. In turn, it means that cloud architect and clouds IT admins will be high in demand.


2.   Data


With many people now working from home, there has been a massive worldwide increase in data usage. It’s statistically proven that the pandemic has to lead to as much as a 38% increase in global data usage.


There already is a high demand for online training and job opportunism for data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, and ML/AI engineers. However, the need is expected to increase further, and much quicker, with this data usage spike!


3.   Digital marketing

Everyone now turns to the web for practically everything.


So it’s not surprising that more people turn to the internet for all sorts of information. This is indirectly a blessing for CMOS.


They can now reduce their marketing expenses, get better returns for their marketing efforts, and keep a track of their customers when online. It is the long ride that will lead to an increased demand for content & SEO experts, PPC professionals, digital brand managers, and experts in email marketing. 


4.   Business analysis

There’s expected to be an increased need for digital channels across sectors like education, retail, and healthcare.


And it’s all because businesses are shifting to the digital world.


This increased digital demand leads to a need for more online courses for Business Analysts.


In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there may be a 14% increase and need for management and business analysts between 2018 to 2028.


5.   Cybersecurity

Recent statistics show that security is the priority to 86% of CIOs. It’s mainly because the increased work at home culture poses a high risk to company data.


People work from home and now rely more on personal or less secure Wi-Fi networks post the pandemic. It in turn increases the threat levels for sensitive data.


With this hike in the emphasis on cybersecurity, there will be a higher demand for security architects and ethical hackers. 


In short, the Coronavirus has made it necessary for everyone to change their lifestyle.


So you must act fast and take advantage of this shift. It is especially important that you take care of your health and maintain optimal hygiene. There will also be significant social habit changes you have to adapt to.


And you have to rethink and come up with newer and different ways to relax and entertain yourself. You can’t enjoy movie theatres, swimming pools, and malls as before.  


Things aren’t different for working people too.


There are quite a few complete and immediate changes that have to be made in the workforce post the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, there is the risk of many people losing jobs because of the pandemic effects on the economy.


However, the good news is that there will still be a need, and even increased demand for jobs in the digital and tech niches. And most importantly, this growth is expected to accelerate shortly. 


That’s why any job enthusiast must take online courses to acquire new digital skills to keep pace and be able to get a digital job. Online training ensures your career keeps growing and doesn’t stay at a standstill as you get used to the many social and career changes you go through.

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