Top 5 heaviest NBA Players

Gheorghe Muresan

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Gheorghe Muresan is the tallest player in NBA history. At 7 feet, 7 inches tall, he is taller than most people in the world. While he weighs 137 kilograms more than any other NBA player. Gheorghe Muresan was a Romanian professional basketball player who played for two different teams in a career of just 6 years and in 1995-96 he won the Most Improved Player Award. He was known for his great height (7-foot 7 inches, which made him one of the tallest players in NBA history) and his ability to dunk the ball with either hand. Due to his height and also a gland disorder, he had to stop due to physical problems.  If you’re wondering what kind of shoes heavy basketball players wear, then check out these best basketball shoes for heavy players.

Yao Ming, 141Kg

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Yao Ming was the 2nd player of Chinese descent in NBA history. Yao Ming, a former professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets from 2002-2011 has been named as the ‘Great Wall of China’. His height is 229 cm and weighs 141 kilograms. The tallest NBA player ranks 5th place in this ranking which includes giants such as Gheorghe Mureșan, Manute Bol and Sim Bhullar. Yao Ming is famous for being the tallest and heaviest player in the NBA, due to his 141kg weight, Yao has faced a lot of physical troubles throughout his career. Yao’s height has always been an advantage for him, but also one of his disadvantages. He had an extraordinary short career, due to all of these issues with his body. His physical problems caused him to retire early at the age of 30. He was selected by Houston Rockets as the 1st round (1st pick) in the 2002 NBA Draft. He played for 8 seasons at Houston Rockets and averaged 19 points per game.

Yao Ming has earned a respectable spot on All-NBA team 5 times during his career with Houston Rockets.

Zion Williamson

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Zion Williamson is one of the most physically-imposing players in today’s NBA. At 6’7″ and 285 pounds, Zion Williamson is virtually unstoppable. Despite going first in the 2019 NBA Draft, the 21-year-old forward has already proven he can be the star many expected him to be after his third NBA season. Currently, according to Basketball Reference, Williamson is among the five heaviest players in the NBA at 284 pounds.

Garth Joseph

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Joseph only played 4 matches in the NBA league during the 2000-01 season. Garth is 6 foot 8 inch tall and he can play at both power forward and center positions. He has played for multiple teams including the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls. Garth Joseph is a basketball player who is often referred to compared to as Shaquille O’Neal because of his excess weight. Garth Joseph also has a history of playing for different college teams. Garth Joseph was a professional basketball player who started his career in the NBA. He was one of the biggest players in the league and he played a good role for his team. He was able to play at the international level as well.

Garth Joseph is not a regular man because he is heavy, but that did not stop him from playing good matches for his team.

Kevin Duckworth

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Kevin Duckworth was born on September 1 april 1964. He was a center position player in the NBA league. He was one of the tallest players in the NBA. He weighed around 275 lb and had a height of 7 feet. He became the first player to play professionally in four leagues: NCAA, USBL, NBA and CISL. During the 1994-95 season, former center Kevin Duckworth had an official weight of 310 pounds.