Top 5 Garage Door Opening Issues and Easy Ways to Fix Them

One of the most critical phases you encounter when the garage door doesn’t open, and you don’t know what’s up to it. You may try several things to fix this thing but fail continuously. 

Therefore, we will give you a helpful guideline on the garage door opener issues and easy ways to fix them accordingly.

No Remote Control or Wall Switch Works for Opening the Door

It’s one of the most common issues of garage door openers. The door won’t budge after pressing the remote or wall switch. 

When you see the garage door isn’t opening with the remote control and wall switch, you have to find all the possible sources to check first. You should first check the remote controller’s battery if it’s working. 

Sometimes, it can also happen that the garage door is locked from the inside. In that case, check the door’s lock from inside your house entrance to the garage and unlock it.

Always make sure the motor unit cord is plugged in properly. Sometimes, the door opener circuit burns or trips, which you will find out by checking other lights operating. In that case, you have to reset or replace the breaker or burned fuse.

Encounter Trouble with Closing the Garage Door

Another issue shows up when the garage door will open adequately but will have trouble closing it again. In that case, you have to work with the close-limit switch first.

When the close-limit switch (set to both opening and closing) somewhat deviates from the usual setup, it will prevent the door from closing correctly. This close-limit switch also helps people being hurt during the opening and closing of the door.

Therefore, check the set-limit switch and the sensors if they are working fine.

A garage door can become a problem if it is not working properly. Give proper maintenance and will last a long time.

The Motor Won’t Stop Running Even After Opening the Garage Door

When you encounter such problems, consider moving the up-limit switch away from the motor away. Though this problem mainly seems right after installing the garage door opener, you should check the entire system well.

Trouble Opening the Garage Door Completely

Sometimes, the garage door will open and close, but the opening will not be complete. It happens when the rollers are damaged or rusty. Inspect them immediately to replace them. It can also cause up-switch issues, which will work better if you check them and fix the problems accordingly.

Though this type of issue is rare, you can call professionals for garage door repair if the problem seems a bit unusual.

Trouble Opening the Garage Door During Winter

Weather effects are significantly seen in garage door opening or closing issues. Mainly, you will encounter opening the garage door entirely. In that case, check the motor unit with a screw to adjust the opener’s sensitivity. Rollers get stiff during the winter, and thus, it refuses to open up properly. You can also try lubricating the rollers to get rid of the problem