Top 5 Free Blogs For Watch Reviews

Going through watch reviews is an integral portion before opting for the product. However, in the world of the internet, where millions of reviews are released every day, we share our top 5 free blogs for watch reviews, so you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle. 

1# Monochrome Watches: 

As its name suggests, monochrome watches is a digital magazine focused on fine watches. Each review blog highlights the significance of the brand for the watch, honestly reviews the watches in appropriate detail, and does not go out of the box with the subject. They have helped many watch enthusiasts make a good decision and are hands down one of the best watch review sites. 

2# A Blog to Watch: 

Blog to Watch has reviewed a whole bunch of watches and posted affiliate articles according to their reader’s price ranges as well. 

They have provided a well-elaborated buying guide. As a seller of watches and shirts, they have first-hand knowledge regarding the mechanical terms of watches apart from their looks and so, they can be trusted in a blindfold. 


Writers at HODINKEE have mastered the real art of presenting a watch. They provide deep knowledge of watches’ working, quality, and structure and elaborate beautifully on the history and significance of a particular watch. They have the talent to make a reader buy a watch over the divine history of it. 

 4# Worn and Wound: 

Worn and the wound has the most impressive listing on their site. Their reviews are not limited to a bunch of text but beautiful and professional photography highlighting each part of the product carefully.

Their content is easy to comprehend, and new collectors to old enthusiasts can enjoy their blog. They talk about the most pocket-friendly to some expensive watches. Their reviews are well-defined and extremely fun to read.

5# WatchTime: 

The claim of WatchTime to be America’s top blog focused on watches can’t be marked as an exaggeration or understatement. Their content is easy to understand and unique. 

Last Contemplations: 

All of the sites mentioned above deserve a ton of recognition due to obvious reasons, but we have a bonus site for you!

Stupefy Watches has the most elaborated, easy read, and the most engaging reviews that will hook you up till the last line. They beautifully emphasize the reviews and deliver all the necessary details in one go. Add them to your reading list immediately!