Top 5 Escape Room Brands in the US

Ever since escape rooms came to be one of the most trending entertainment forms in the USA, adrenaline-junkies have a whole new way to satisfy their hunger for adventure! The concept of escape rooms is relatively new, compared to water amusement games and arcade gaming zones. All you need is one hour and an energetic team, and you are all set for a thrilling escape! 

In these escape games, teams are locked in stunning thematic rooms with a mysterious story. Players have to solve puzzles, unlock doors, and escape the room before the clock runs out! Doesn’t that sound interesting? 

While escape rooms in Los Angeles do have a lot of hype, these brands are a treat too! In this article, you will come across some of the best escape room brands in the USA! Read on and learn more! 

1. Boxaroo, Boston

Boxaroo escape rooms have some of the best set designs with all the right props, lighting, and tech. They claim that their rooms are quirky and whimsical, and all their customers love it that way! 

Also, they don’t just specialize in escape adventures! They host all types of special events and team-building experiences with scavenger hunts, ballroom-sized escape rooms, and much more! 

How do we know that they are one of the best? Well, their awards speak for themselves! Boxaroo has secured awards like the 2019 Golden lock award, top escape rooms enthusiasts’ choice award, USA Today’s Top 10 escape rooms, and many more! So, what are you waiting for? Make a booking for their escape rooms in New York City and see what all the hype is about! 

2. PanIQ escape room, Chicago

The newest escape room in Chicago, PanIQ, has broken records with its eight immersive live-adventures. The creators of PanIQ believe that escape rooms should not just be a casual 60-minute amusement game but an escape from their realities. 

Their rooms are open to everyone so that you can host your next family gathering, bachelor party, or corporate event here! 

The puzzles are not only fun, but they expose you to a lot of false doors and misleading hints to make it a bit more challenging. Can you manage? Find out at PanIQ! They also have escape rooms in Pheonix, if that’s closer to your residence!

3. Clue Carré, New Orleans

New Orleans’ first and best live escape room brand, Clue Carré, was established in 2015 to transport people into a whole world. Orchestrate the perfect heist, carry out an investigation about a voodoo curse, unravel the secrets of a weird shop owner, or defeat a powerful vampire before sundown at their New Orleans location! 

They also keep track of the teams that break out in the least amount of time. Can you break these time records? If you think you have the perfect team that can work together, strategize and solve these mysteries, give their escape rooms a try! 

4. Strange Bird Immersive, Houston

The internationally recognized brand Strange Bird Immersive is known for its professional actors, responsive lights, and custom-designed sets. Because of their never-seen-before realism and talented actor, they have taken immersive escaping to a whole new level! Unlike most escape room brands that feature 60-minute games, they offer 90-minute adventures to extend the fun and thrill! 

Highly talked about by Houston Press, The New York Times, The Theatre Times, and escape the roomers, the brand has gained its share of a well-deserved popularity. Join their “flock of birds” and experience realistic ventures at Strange Bird Immersive! 

5. SAW escape games, Las Vegas

Saw escape offers one of the most spine-chilling escape rooms in Las Vegas. They feature an out-of-the-box escape room that is inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster, SAW. Their games are not family-friendly because of the horror ambiance, but this escape company is the perfect choice for birthday parties and bachelor events! 

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