Top 5 Employee Retention Hacks for Successful HR Leaders

It’s tough to find good workers, it’s even harder to keep them. As a human resources leader, it’s up to you to make sure your employees are happy and feel fulfilled in their jobs.

When you do this successfully, you get the best work quality from them and can keep them for a long time.

Keep reading to learn the top five employee retention hacks for the most successful HR leaders today.

1. Excel in Onboarding and Orientation

You should be setting up your new employees for success by having a thorough onboarding plan and an orientation. Let them shadow their co-workers who do the same position so they really get a good feeling for the day-to-day and are ready to hit the ground running.

This also sets the tone for the employee and shows them you are a caring and supportive company.

2. Create a Mentorship Program

This helps both new, and longtime employees. When you implement a mentorship program, it ensures a new hire has a person to go to when they need help, without fear of judgment. It also provides job satisfaction for the mentor by giving them more responsibility and showing them that you notice their good work.

If you have a long-time employee you’re scared of leaving see if they want a mentor as well, people can always learn from someone new and it might be just what they need to feel fulfilled in their work.

3. Hire From a Reputable Agency

The best way to improve retention is by hiring the right people in the first place! Always hire from a reputable temp agency, this way you know the workers have already been vetted and are eager to work.

Watch your employee retention rate improve when you find the right temp agency for your business.

4. Offer Competitive Compensation

To keep employees you have to pay them what they’re worth. They need to feel secure in their finances to truly be able to focus on work. If they work multiple jobs to make ends meet it means they’re overworked, won’t give you their best effort, and are most likely looking for new opportunities that pay more.

If you can’t monetarily compensate them for what they’re worth then you should provide them with benefits like health insurance and more vacation time to make up for the lower pay.

5. Offer a Flexible Environment

82% of employees report that they would be more loyal and less likely to leave a job if they were offered more flexibility. Let employees work from home, and let them take mental health days.

When companies treat their employees well and understand that they have a life outside of work it lets them focus on work when they’re working.

Try These Five Employee Retention Hacks Today

Now that you know our five employee retention hacks it’s time to put them to work! Take the first step by creating a good relationship with your temp agency, and start hiring loyal employees today.

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