Top 5 Ecotourism Resorts in Ukraine: GT Invest

The climate in Ukraine is wide-ranging. This means that the country has everything either than growing crops and land reclamation, that a traveler may hope for, no matter what time of year they are planning to travel. The reason for this discrepancy in weather is because of its location between two different bodies of water (Black and Azov seas). While summers are generally hot and sunny, winters can be very cold with intermittent snowfall.

What could be better than a sunny holiday near the sea? In the ecotourism and resorts of Ukraine! Sunny beaches, mild autumns, and springs, rich vegetation. What do you think about Ukrainian resort towns? Well in this article we are going to discuss the best cities which offer amazing ecotourism and resorts in Ukraine. And a great online firm GT Invest under the supervision of CEO Oleksii Prokhorenko is working hard to facilitate travelers to find better accommodations during their trip to Ukraine.

1. Odessa

A city located at the cost – this is what you will find exactly in Odessa. It’s not only famous for its beaches but also because it has an amazing view of the sunset and lots of historical monuments as well as modern sights including a huge number of cinemas and theaters. In the city, there are so many cafes where you can have fun with your friends or family during hot summer days or attend theatrical performances or even opera, which is very popular here. The city is very well-developed and has everything you might need – from a mini market to a large shopping center.

2. Mezhyhirya:

Mezhyhirya is the official state residence of Ukraine’s President, in a woodland area close to Kyiv. Among the tree groves, there are ponds and quiet spots for taking time out. It is also famous for Growing grapes. Visitors can explore the primeval forest from one of five trails varying from 2 kilometers to 9 kilometers in length. 

3. Chersonese 

A small but cozy shipbuilding town located near Odessa and also close to two seas (Black and Azov) has a lot of things to do for any tourist. You can get here by train or plane from Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv… The prices are very cheap, which is great if you think your budget might be tight. But the most important thing here is its golden sandy beaches – simply the best place for sunbathing, swimming and other activities during hot summer days!

4. Carpathian:

The Carpathians are Ukraine’s biggest mountain range and include some 800 kilometers of hiking trails crisscrossed by bears, wolves, boar and other wildlife. In winter, its slopes provide a home for cross-country skiers and snowboarders looking for fresh powder. The main resort areas are Koncha-Zaspa where visitors can stay in one of 400 hotels or rent privately owned accommodation, or Kiralyhov near the Polish border with top-class facilities, including a cable car.

5. Golden Gate:

The Golden Gate is one of Kyiv’s most visited attractions today – a medieval gate built in 1037-40 as part of the fortification wall around Kyiv during Prince Yaroslav’s reign. The Golden Gate got its name from the golden domes of the Church of Saint Andrew, which used to stand next to it. These domes were destroyed during the invasion in 1240, and all that can be seen today are a couple of restored towers and chapels.


Of course, Ukraine is not only about beaches and  Ecotourism and resort because apart from them it has lots of cities which attract tourists with their rich history and architecture such as Lviv (which is very popular among Polish tourists), Kyiv (the capital city) or Kharkiv (which also has many beautiful churches). So if you want to see more of this country then go there and visit its wonderful cities as well!