Top 5 Domains to Start Jobs in Malaysia

Are you finding dream jobs in Malaysia? If that’s so, then you should know the right path to transform your dreams into reality. Malaysia is a developed economy and hence recruitment is a continuous process in the country as most companies are on a constant search for potential candidates to take up various jobs in Malaysia. The country is a boon, for new-age job opportunities. There are lots of businesses in Malaysia that hire candidates with relevant skills and domain knowledge. so, in this article, we will tell you the top 5 domains for jobs in Malaysia that are in high demand.

Top 5 domains for Jobs in Malaysia, that are in High Demand are:

  • Finance Jobs:

    Malaysia is known for job opportunities in the financial domain (Accountant, Finance Manager, Charted Accountant). The Fintech industry covers job role that use technology within the financial domain to bring efficiency in business to customer service. This job role majorly includes setting payment methods to handling bank hire for this job most recruiters have a constant demand for tech savvy experienced applicants with knowledge of e-money, blockchain and digital technology skills. This is one of the highly paid and most demanded job profiles.
  • Engineering Jobs: 

    Engineering is a domain of expertise in Malaysia. There are jobs available for candidates in with different specializations such as IT, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical. This is one of the highly paying jobs. Engineering jobs are getting popular these days in Malaysia due to better growth, innovation, and career development options. To start engineering jobs in Malaysia, one needs to pursue a course in B.Tech. or BE. from universities, government colleges or private colleges. To be an engineer one should have technical skills related to the domain, problem solving skills, team handling skills, soft skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Management Jobs:

    Management Jobs have always been superior. Most recruiters in Malaysia look for talented candidates who can handle management positions in domains like marketing, operations, human resource, Information Technology, finance etc. To get selected for such job roles one should have an MBA degree or diploma in management. These are one of the most reputed jobs and candidates who get selected are paid higher salaries in comparison to other job roles.
  • Data Handling Jobs:

    Data is the most confidential and specialized domains and as Malaysia is one of the tech-oriented economy it survives on its database management services. The country has a huge demand of professionals in the job roles such as data entry specialists, data scientists, data analysts and data security specialists. Data is the lifeline for companies in Malaysia hence candidates who have the relevant knowledge and skills are highly demanded by the Malaysian companies.
  • Creative Jobs:

    Creativity goes hand in hand with technology hence this category of jobs in Malaysia comprises job roles such as media, advertising, public relations, event managers, copy writing, graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers etc. The country has a dire need to candidates in creative job profiles as these jobs require global exposure and ability to create. Malaysia is a rich economy and to maintain its status it has varied opportunities in creative job profiles. So, the candidates who have these creative degrees and have relevant work experience may apply for these creative jobs in Malaysia.

Norms for Visa and Work Permit to obtain jobs in Malaysia:

  • In order to obtain work permit in Malaysia a foreign national must have a remaining passport validity for 18 months.
  • The age of the foreign national should be either more than or equal to 27 years (23 years for IT sector).
  • Work Permits can be applied once a candidate gets a job in Malaysia.
  • The ministry of labor In Malaysia issues work permits for the period of 6 months to 5 years only.

Although, there are various other domains as well, but these are these are the highly paid 5 domains for jobs in Malaysia. So, if you are looking for jobs in Malaysia, then polish your skills and find the best job in these domains to ace in your career.

Author’s Bio:

Nikhil Mishra is a marketing communications professional with Monster is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. Nikhil has a diverse career and has been a former journalist, copywriter and avid communications professional. His passion for the field of marketing and communications is a motivating force for his present career choice.