Top 5 Data Science Companies in 2020

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are revolutionizing businesses. Not only are they being utilized to create innovative and disruptive products, they’re also being used to change how we do business.

Consulting services are using data and AI to help businesses run more effectively. They’re also opening up unexplored avenues of growth within organizations. To help you pick the consultancy best fit for your needs, below is the list of the top data science companies in 2020.

(Note: We’ve only included companies that specialize in Data Science and therefore, we have ignored management consulting heavyweights such as Bain, McKinsey, BCG, and Deloitte).

#1 – InData Labs

InData Labs is a leading data science firm and AI-powered solutions provider that was founded in 2014 by a video gaming industry veteran. InData Labs has data science consulting expertise in computer vision, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation.

They also develop custom data-driven software and mobile apps. They’ve worked on a variety of projects including prediction engines, recommender systems, visual search, image recognition, real-time video analytics, and data capture and extraction. They also provide big data consulting – matching your company with the right technology and then, building the solution you need.

They’ve been rated by Clutch as the Top AI company in 2020 and have completed 40+ projects across a variety of domains including finance, telecom, logistics, insurance, retail, and healthcare.

They’ve helped a famous treasure gallery improve robbery and burglary prevention by 73%. They’ve improved the accuracy of a period prediction app by 15% and even improved the efficiency of back-office workflows by 42% using OCR, amongst others.

One of their most intriguing projects was the development of a state-of-the-art pose estimation model to detect human posture in real-time. Their client was an mHealth application that helped users exercise with a correct posture for better fitness. The challenge was to advance the model accuracy without impacting speed or usability in real-time.  As a result, pose estimation and error detection improved by 64%.

#2 – Numerator

Numerator is reinventing market research. It gives brands the fastest insight into what customers buy and why they buy what they buy.

One of their core offers is a custom Consumer Panel called the OmniPanel, which is a monitoring and reporting tool to keep a tab on the changing consumer landscape.

It can help clients segment customers, understand brand perception, and develop a brand strategy. Clients can also use Numerator to understand their customers’ journey and deploy relevant pricing and promotion strategies. To measure performance and results, they can send out surveys to these customers.

It’s powerful because customers who participate in the data collection process don’t have to manually transcribe their shopping receipts. With Numerator, they can just take a picture and OmniPanel does the rest.

Owing to the ease of use, 450k+ panelists participate in 1billion+ trips which leads to deeper shopper and consumer insights. And that’s what makes them one of the best data science companies.

The sheer volume makes them an asset to any client. For instance, one of their clients, Scotts Miracle-Gro, had identified a regional competitive threat but they needed a better understanding of its potential and what they could do to respond. They leveraged Numerator to track their market share growth as well as understand which of their customers gravitated towards them. This helped them position a new comparable product with a message centered around being organic and eco-friendly.

#3 – Appsilon

Appsilon is committed to creating world-class solutions for enterprise development challenges. They provide data analytics, machine learning, and managed services solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

They are primarily a technology company who focused on custom software development and  known for their short turnaround times. 

They work on problems ranging from computer vision, fraud detection to natural language processing. They specialize in creating the world’s most advanced R Shiny applications and were the first organization to scale a Shiny app to more than 700 users.

Appsilon has a unique ‘AI for Good’ initiative where they work on projects that have a positive global impact. The recent one was related to using image classification to analyze camera trap datasets to aid the work of biodiversity conservationists at the National Parks Agency in Gabon.

Appsilon integrated both new and existing machine learning algorithms into a simple-to-install and easy-to-use, open-source software tool that can automatically analyze data from camera traps without internet access. This helped biodiversity conservation practitioners and researchers monitor and protect wild species from poaching in real-time.

#4 – Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma is a top-notch analytics and data science solutions provider that focuses on systematizing business decisions. More than 3,500 data scientists working across 10 industries make it a preferred partner for 140 of the Fortune 500.

Mu Sigma has worked on a diverse set of problems ranging from customer experience, finance, marketing, sales, research & development, and risk management. This has helped them craft a set of commonly occurring problems dubbed MuUniverse – a service they have now productized.

This isn’t the only one though. Mu Sigma has been diligently working on the concept of “Service as a Software”, utilizing their exhaustive knowledge base to build and deploy big data tools across the analytics value chain – from problem definition to solution discovery to operationalization.

#5 – Datascope Analytics

Datascope Analytics is different from the rest of the list because it is focused on making an impact through data AND design – so much so that it was recently acquired by the design firm IDEO.

Datascope emphasises human-centered design. To accomplish this, they plan by doing, using work done to hone in on the most useful problems to solve. They transition from quick, low-fidelity sketches and experiments to robust, higher-fidelity prototypes only as they learn more.  

Datascope extracted and created metadata from the tens of thousands of social sector research documents to enrich search, recommender systems, and interactive data visualizations. They built the Sparck API designed to extract text from PDF intelligently, classify key findings from a paper and categorize it into the right “wiki topic”.

To Sum Up

Picking the right AI consultancy can help you understand your audience deeply, develop a more robust product, run data-related operations and streamline your operations – basically, solve any business problems. The key is to recognize the problem and need for expertise beyond your core offering. A solution that could have a massive impact on your organization is a great time to get in touch with any of the consultancies in our list.