Top 5 Crypto signals providers in 2021

Crypto trading signals are pieces of information provided by a signal service to its subscribers. Such information is provided by them after thorough analysis of past market data and present market conditions. Here is our list of quality crypto signals providers who are known for their stellar market performance:

  1. CoinSignals: CoinSignals has found a place in this list due to its exemplary performance since its inception. Founded in 2019, it is relatively less matured, and yet has achieved a success rate of over 85%. Its free version covers popular Exchange signals while the paid one offers a more diverse set of altcoins signals. Its fee can be paid in bitcoins. With over a hundred signals a month, it is one of the few signals providers which keep their subscribers updated very regularly.
  1. MyCryptoParadise: Founded by the trading veterans who have vast experience of profitable crypto trading, MyCryptoParadise brings the expertise home to its subscribers. It covers exchanges such as Bybit, Binance and Bitmex and keeps one updated with as much as 9 crypto signals per day, that sums to 270 signals in a month. It is an ideal number. Anything less than this often proves insufficient and anything substantially greater than this is simply overwhelming. However, the easy automation plan available makes work a lot less arduous. You can either join the free plan or the paid one. The personal coach program of its ParadiseVIP plan is the highlight which is hard to miss. Apart from providing just signals, MyCryptoParadise is known for putting up great educational content for people having the zeal to learn more about crypto trading.
  1. Verified Crypto Traders: With their team based in the Netherlands, Verified Crypto traders offer crypto signals as well as analysis and updates. There are multiple paid plans available and with higher cost, better facilities and higher accuracy is guaranteed. It covers exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance, BitMex, Coinbase, etc. It provides accurate crypto trading signals but their plans are not affordable for everyone. Higher costs have often kept potential customers at bay.
  1. Cryptohopper: Its primary work is as a trading bot and signals is an additional functionality that it provides. The bot is quite sophisticated and there is a separate marketplace to choose your trading strategy from. Subscribers can also discuss their trading strategy on chat with expert team members. It provides a lot of options to its subscribers and thus experts find it easier to work with, than complete beginners. It covers several crypto exchanges like Huobi, Bitpanda pro, KuCoin, OKEX,BITFINEX, etc.
  1. Signals Blue: Covering only a few popular exchanges, they provide signals for altcoins as well. They are new in the market but that has not hindered their performance in any manner. Their signal contains buy in price, sell targets, holding percentage to be traded and the exchange on which this trade should be done. The unique feature of this signals provider is that every user gets a dedicated telegram channel limited to them only. Such measures also help Signals Blue in preventing fraudulent sharing of their signals by unauthorized people.

On June 20th, 2021, officials in Sichuan province, one of China’s largest crypto mining hubs, ordered a crackdown on all Bitcoin and major Cryptocurrency mining. Shortly after there was a report published in the Chinese state media outlet Global Times, which stated that more than 90% of China’s bitcoin mining capacity was going to be shut down.

Though many countries including the US and India have threatened to fight back against Bitcoin, China is leading the way, as the cryptocurrency poses a threat to its strict capital controls.

Not only does China have its own sovereign interests to protect, it has also created its own digital currency, the cyber yuan. In doing so, any cryptocurrency is now a direct competitor against the world’s second largest economy, which is very keen to become the world’s leading currency.

Crypto signals provide a reliable guide to people who are new and alone in the world of crypto trading. Choosing a signals provider is a tricky and important job. Thus, it should be ensured that the one you are going through covers your exchange, keeps you updated and provides market analysis reports to keep you informed and educated. Crypto signals done right, have a great potential of turning the volatile crypto market into a reliable, trustworthy and approachable investment optio.