Top 5 Creative Ideas to Compose Song Lyrics

Every person who has tried writing a song knows how challenging it can get. Composing a song isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Ideas flow in and run out quickly, and it gets tough to keep track of the words.

Over time, it can lead to stress and anxiety as well. If you are in a similar situation, you have come to the right place. In the article below, you will find a few creative ideas that can help you compose song lyrics.

Some of the ideas below might spark you and encourage you to produce magic through your words.

1. Feelings

Your innermost feelings or desires are among the best ways to compose impactful and heart-touching song lyrics. More often than, composers try to settle for cliché words and phrases, which lead to writer’s block. 

It is vital to put down exactly what you feel at the moment. Some songs have reached great heights because composers put their whole into composing the lyrics. You can always go back and edit the lyrics later if required, but it has to start with a rough skeleton that consists of your entire being.

There is always a fear that what if the lyrics aren’t relatable to the audience, or if they do not understand the song’s depth? Nevertheless, these assumptions only stop you from bringing out the artist in you.

Each day brings out new ways of feeling emotions or expressing yourself, and you must use these ways to compose lyrics.

2. Life Experiences

Every individual goes through different life experiences; however, the emotion behind these experiences can be similar. Daily mundane activities like waking up, setting off to work, etc., act as ideas to compose lyrics.

What you go through in itself is a story, and when you write it down, it gives life to those moments that otherwise aren’t easy to express.

There are several songs that people, especially the youth, get hooked on because they speak directly to the heart. The current generation longs to find music in the everyday things they do. They even read music facts and learn about its evolution. As life lately has become so busy, songs are the only thing that keeps us going.

Therefore, focusing on life stories and experiences helps people get through their day better. 

Even if your life consists of weird and absurd memories, use them in your lyrics. You never know when such absurd statements can turn into a catchy phrase. One fascinating thing about people these days is that we love crazy and weird things, and there is no place for judgment.

3. Self-love

Many songs were composed about our love for our significant other in the older days. However, recently, self-love and self-care have been concepts growing a lot.

You can get creative with putting oneself before the feelings of others.

 It gives you a whole concept to deconstruct and enables the people to know their self-worth.

It has become nearly impossible for humans to accept themselves for who they are and fall in love with themselves. However, good music never fails to convey messages that words cannot, and when you write lyrics that hold such great power, it automatically touches the soul.

As you compose these lyrics, you unknowingly start to ponder on your self-worth and whether or not you realize the importance and value you hold. It indirectly helps bring out creative and meaningful lyrics that might not have occurred to you otherwise.

4. Soak the environment around you

It might sound funny to most people, but the environment does have the power to bring out a side in you that you didn’t know existed. We might say that we are surrounded by the same environment, the same trees, air, water, etc.

However, the environment here does not merely mean nature but also the deeper meaning behind what surrounds us. The energy around us has more to do with how we think and act rather than the actual act of us thinking.

While you sit to compose lyrics, try to understand what you wish to compose and understand what the environment you are in; is trying to convey. These understandings are often highly opposite, and that’s when you get a mixture of words and ideas to compose your lyrics.

You must be aware of famous songwriters that go out in the wild or out of their comfort zone to get ideas on the song they are composing. You might get stuck is not entirely on you, but it is often because of the locality around.

It is essential to step out in the wild to get a better gist of what one could be.

5. Honesty

A majority of the composers fail their honesty by giving them something that they want and not going beyond to see what they need. Anybody can compose lyrics that are in high demand and trend.

However, only a few can choose to stop the cliché flow and set new trends by staying honest to themselves and to the lyrics they compose. It is essential to remember that lyrics are not words that need a structure and a pattern.

Although the standard form of composing lyrics consists of the chorus, verses, pre-chorus, etc., that does not mean that you have to follow these norms. 

Lyrics are much more than that. 

You have to be honest in your writing, as honesty brings uniqueness into your lyrics. 

There are hardly a handful of composers who dare to express their honest views, whether political, emotional, or physical. You need to look within and write what you see if you wish to stand out.


Songs never fail to reach places where people cannot, and the lyrics stay longer than the tune. That’s exactly the same when it comes to classic movies as well. People might forget the characters or the actors, but most people never forget the story line.

Some olden songs that usually the grannies and grandpas remember have lost their tune but not the lyrics. Those words impacted the people and did not leave their minds.

As you compose your lyrics, keep in mind that whatever you write, let it satisfy your soul, and it will automatically reach the hearts of many.