Making salon bookings for hair spas, investing in fancy hair products, or using different hair tools, we all have been there and done that. But what if hair still refuses to look good every time you have to leave the comfort of your messy bun and try a new hairstyle? Our hair plays mind games and usually becomes rough and frizzy. Despite this, we leave no stone unturned to make hair look gorgeous. But has any one thought if we are using the right hair comb after using all these miscellaneous hair products? To save you from the havoc of damaged hair and injudicious use of money, we have enlisted the best five combs that are the all-time favorites and best preferred for good hair day.

Top 5 rated hair combs suitable for everyone

 Revlon Essentials 2 Piece Tangle Free Comb Set

Perfect Hair Combs to get a perfect hair look is like a blessing in disguise. And this is possible with the help of Revlon Tangle-free combs that help to set apart tangled hair and also style them. With the help of wide teeth, both the combs can be used for detangling wet and dry hair. Meanwhile, if you are applying conditioner to the hair, then this comb is best suited. 

Sandalwood Folding Comb

These combs are specially made up of 100 percent natural green sandalwood. These combs are well polished, smooth, and seamless. They are safe to use as they are crafted combs. Sandalwood promotes healthy scalp oil.

VEGA Handcrafted Wooden Combs

VEGA is a household name that does not need any formal introduction. One of the best hair combs manufacturers across the nation, VEGA Hair Combs are used wholeheartedly by a lot of people. And this amazing comb that include a feature smooth rounded wooden tips that further stimulate blood cells and deliver a gentle massaging effect on the scalp. These online hair combs are worth buying as they give strong grip and provide tangle-free locks after every use. 

Kent 16T Double Tooth Hair Dressing Table Comb 

This comb has two types of teeth, fine-tooth for hair straightening and wide teeth for detangling hair.  Kent 16Tcomb with the two types of teeth is hand polished and has smooth teeth for effortless hair combing. Moreover, this is perfect for daily use. 

ACE Hairdressing Comb

Ace Hairdressing Comb is a matte black hair comb that goes well with both thin and thick hair. One can easily use it for all hair types and is quite substantial for everyday use.