Top 5 Cartoon Series To Watch On Netflix In 2020

Are you looking for the best cartoon series 2020? Well, Netflix has actually come up with a lot of varieties lately but the originals are something that would woo you. Starting from adorable red pandas to horrific demons Netflix is literally growing the library for cartoon lovers.


You will literally end up being confused about what you should binge-watch next as Netflix will keep adding new content. In fact, the Netflix original series is really so great that you can not help but fall in love. In 2020, they actually have come up with a few amazing cartoon series that you must watch. Don’t worry because we have made a list for you and you can’t simply miss them. Let’s not ado further and check out them below


All of the series we will be discussing about has released on 2020 and you can simply search them on Netflix! You can watch all these stream through kisscartoon in the present.

Top 5 Cartoon Series On Netflix:


  • Japan Sinks-


Being a cartoon lover you are obviously known with Sayo Komatsu’s best selling novel Japan Skinks, 1973. Now, Netflix has added a modern spin on this and released this as Japan Sinks: 2020. So, if you have loved that novel you need to watch this once as well. Honestly, during this pandemic, a cartoon series like this was much needed and made a huge difference.


The series is available as subbed and dubbed. You will be amazed to see how a story. An ordinary family put to test as Japan is hit with a few unnatural disasters and eventually throwing the country into total chaos. This series has released on Netflix on 9th July so you can just go and watch it now!


  • Pokemon Journey-


Who doesn’t love Pokemon? It would be an evergreen favorite of 90’s kid and they can never forget Pokemon. You need to take a bowl of popcorn and grab your Pokeballs for joining Pikachu and Ash for the journey of Pokemon. This is a whole new plot as well as a show that is streaming on Netflix.


If you love Pokemon and you can’t thinning anything beyond that, then you need to watch this as early as possible. After the last series “sun and moon”, Pokemon fans were eagerly waiting for Ash’s next adventure and now, it’s finally here. Netflix will literally never fail to amaze the carton lovers.


  • Baki-


This series has two seasons and the first season has released on 2018 and since then we have been waiting for the next season. We can not help but crush on Bakia and that is the biggest reason we literally have waited for so long.


Finally this year, the second season has arrived and just that moment, we almost have believed that Baki and Mohammad Alai Jr. is training so hard, Baki’s girl is going to tell you that it’s enough and now, you need to move on. The second season is now available and it is available as dubbed and subbed so you can enjoy this season as well.


  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun-


If you are not into those old fashioned cartoons but you would love to see something new and meaningful then this one will get you exactly what you want! This story is all about a high student who certainly has a crush on her schoolmate and she knew literally very little about him. He was an artist and she was appointed as his assistant.


That’s where their romantic comedy has started and that’s just the beginning. You should start watching this series for a fun experience and you will thoroughly love this show.


  • Scissor Seven-


This series has two seasons and the second season is finally here on Netflix. Even if you haven’t watched the first season then you should start binge-watching it from today. You are going to love the story where a hairdresser who would moonlight as nothing but an assassin.


This is one of the greatest shows that I have watched in a long time. And the plot is really unique that you will have to love everything about it. The animated show will literally not allow you to sleep until you finish watching it.


Bottom Line: 


We have discussed the top 5 cartoon series of Netflix that have released in 2020 and we think you should never miss them at any cost if you are a cartoon lover. We have watched all of these and then only decided them as the best of all. Honestly, this pandemic Netflix is really having our back in so many ways!