Top 5 Best Time and attendance App

One of the main challenges of the company owner is to manage the time of employees effectively. With the best attendance and salary management app, you can save time and money and can focus on growth of business and company. This will streamline your HR activities and your can team do their job easier and faster. Businesses or companies, minimize costly mistakes, and give you a clear, real-time picture of your company’s financial health

One of the many blessings of exploitation technology-based system is that the probabilities of errors become fully cipher. Time, attendance, salary and leave management are very crucial factors for  the corporate. They allow us to have a better verify and track the progress of the employees so that they can be benefited according to the work the do and the efforts they put. Using management software makes everything better and easier. Associate worker group action and leave management system once integrated with a payroll eliminates the sizeable effort and time that’s otherwise wasted in useless work.

But its not easy to find best attendance and salary management app. Here I have reviewed the top five options for attendance and salary app on the market right now. Check here

1)      Time doctor

Time doctor is the on-line time associated attending resolution that gives an all-in-one mobile-first resolution therefore managers will with efficiency manage their organization from any place at any time.

Its provide you Daily time reports of your employee.

Dashboards create trailing some time simple. See at a look the tasks, clients, and distractions that assign the foremost time.

Here I am introducing you to some of its basic features.

• computerized payroll makes work more easier .

• it lets you check your performance whenever you want.

• it provides sales and customer services whenever you desire.

• custom user roll is available in this software which makes it way more interesting.

•If you have problem in understanding one language, then it also has multilingual option.

2)      Timekompas

This attendance and salary management app is my personal favorite and I would also recommend you to know about it.

It is straightforward to use and it makes the fundamental works far more fascinating. All the activities are often performed with a phone or movable. the most effective half is It’s terribly simplified and not advanced the least bit.

It conjointly helps to manage your alternative groups at the same time through Associate in HRSM module and conjointly following the time.through a project management module and is extremely reliable.

TimeKompas App is packed with current and fascinating options that makes the work extremely easy and standard. allow us to introduce you to its key options.

  • Payroll simply a click away

It allows the management to look at and generate payroll in accordance with the employee’s daily group action record . only one click and also the downside is resolved.

  • MIS and Dashboard

MIS and dashboard allows the organization to summary, capture and report specific knowledge points. TimeKompas provides it’s users with An interactive internet based mostly dashboard that gives numerous MIS reports for higher analysis and economical higher cognitive process activities.

  • find your staff

This is the foremost distinctive and special feature of this app. worker observance is incredibly necessary for pursuit the productivity. This ensures that the company’s time is being employed fruitfully. This feature can modify you to try and do therefore terribly simply.

  •  Generate record on-line

Online/ electronic payslips square measure a lot of value economical and environmental friendly.

3)      Keka

Keka is also a good tools to make management easier . It is very efficient. The functioning of this software is easy with less complications. It will make your task easier and less hectic.

Keka time unit helps your groups to adapt, evolve, and scale by operating a lot of effectively. pay less time on mundane tasks and focus a lot of on strategy. flip knowledge into smarter selections and build experiences your staff can love.

Now it’s time to look at some of its features.

•        Payroll and expenses- Keka payroll computer code revolutionized the Indian payroll trade. we have a tendency to re-imagined And set a benchmark on however an enterprise payroll computer code may well be simplified.

•        Modern HR- Keka unit of time software package is meant to please your workers. Our worker central user expertise plus hooks and information insights continuously piques your employee’s curiosity and adopt the platform.

•        Performance Management- Keka is that the PMS that actually works for growth-minded organizations that require continuous performance reviews on a period of time basis. Keka PMS monitors, analyzes, tracks, and evaluates worker performance to confirm that goals area unit achieved, and therefore the desired ROI is accomplished.

•        Project and Timesheet – Keka has advanced timesheet features helps you track time and duration of various projects. Its enable  capturing employee’s time spent on tasks and helps you to analyze their performance.

4)      Timely

With Timely, you’re able to track your team’s time and performance in a very single dashboard. With real KPI following, you’ll be able to monitor team performance in terms of key metrics like capability. produce a customizable tagging system to understand however time is spent. simply spot missing hours and give notice whoever has to log their hours.

In addition, Timely boasts of the subsequent features:

Create payroll as per daily attendance report, performance reviews and payslip.

Integrates seamlessly with several solutions like position, Toggl, Fresh service, Todolist, Trello, Wrike, and more.

5) bambooHR

HR software collects and organizes all the knowledge you gather throughout the worker life cycle, then helps you employ it to attain nice things. whether or not you’re hiring, onboarding, making ready compensation, or building culture, BambooHR provides you the time and insights to target your most significant asset—your folks.

• Time and group action pursuit created straightforward.

• Break up with punch cards, timesheets, and long days of shrewd everyone’s hours

• Paid time off- When an worker makes a power takeoff request, their manager gets instant alerts via email, mobile, and their BambooHR inbox.

What we conclude from this article?

Review the options enclosed within the time group action app you’re searching for, run a check trial, and see if it very is straightforward for you and your team to use. It’ll be the simplest business call you’ll make!

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