Top 5 Best Sites To Buy Soundcloud Plays, Likes, and Followers (2022 Update)

Is “best places to buy Soundcloud plays” anything you’re Googling right now? Is your ultimate goal to impact your music enormously and dominate the entertainment industry? If you said “Yes,” you’re lucky because we will provide the top 10 places to purchase Soundcloud plays, followers, and likes.

Why use Soundcloud?

When it comes to online music services, few can compete with SoundCloud. Soundcloud is the place to go if you want to reach a wide audience utilizing your audio material (music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.) Many individuals like Soundcloud since it facilitates the discovery of new content in a short amount of time. SoundCloud makes it simple to share and listen to music online or off.

According to the most recent stats, Soundcloud has 76 million users who have signed up and 175 million who tune in every month. In addition, the site hosts an estimated 25 million creators. Even though just 12 million of those producers get heard monthly, the platform is still large and worth exploring.

Intriguingly, we have discovered the finest hack to rapidly increase your SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes, so you can easily attract attention. One of the easiest methods to acquire significant interaction for your music is to purchase Soundcloud plays. Therefore you should set aside some of your marketing money for this purpose. If you want more people to hear your music and see your brand, we’ve selected the top 5 sites for promoting it on SoundCloud.Come on, and we need to get started.

1.   Famups

Famups are a common result for several Soundcloud artists looking to increase their audience interaction. Why? For starters, the service gives genuine Soundcloud plays, followers, and likes and reposts promptly and at a fair price. Remarkably, they can deliver high-quality items in as little as one to three business days. You may get as little as ten thousand to get up to 20,000 SoundCloud plays for only $16. It costs $16 to get 500 SoundCloud followers, likes, and reposts. You can purchase Soundcloud plays from Famsup without having to join up for Soundcloud or even following any other users. You may feel at ease with their service since constant monitoring and humanitarian assistance are available. They also have a live chat feature that is useful for answering questions promptly.

2.   GetRealBoost

GetRealBoost has you covered when it comes to gaining real Soundcloud followers and distributing your music to the proper people. Increase your exposure by having your Soundcloud tracks played by real individuals interested in hearing what you have to say with the aid of GetRealBoost. As a bonus, they provide Soundcloud features like likes, reposts, followers, and comments. No bots or shady marketing strategies; only genuine, global Soundcloud promotion is what you receive with GetRealBoost. Buying SoundCloud plays from them is completely risk-free.

3.   PlaymyCloud

Playmycloud’s mission is to help musicians succeed by delivering superior SoundCloud marketing services. Soundcloud provides the greatest service delivery at reasonable pricing, whether you’re trying to promote your recordings, expand your audience, or improve your music. By adhering to these three easy procedures, you may easily get anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 plays:

Deciding on a collection of offerings (power, play, and turbo)

  • Your SoundCloud track’s URL as well as email address
  • Getting to the Checkout
  • Then in less than a day, you should expect a flood of play offers.
  • Playmycloud is unique due to its streamlined operation, natural flow, and appeal to listeners interested in a wide variety of musical styles.

4.   ViewsExpert

Regarding genuine Soundcloud plays, likes, followers, and comments, ViewsExpert is a clear frontrunner. When you use their advertising services, they will provide you with the necessary boost. ViewsExpert guarantees you tremendous exposure and attention for a low price compared to those other Soundcloud service providers. After assisting over a million individuals in realizing their dreams, ViewsExpert has earned its place as a respected leader in the music business.

5.   Viralyft

The website Viralyft will serve as our last topic of conversation here. The very high success rate achieved by the processes used by Viralyft has earned it a high rating among industry professionals. They will raise the number of plays, followers, and likes your Soundcloud single gets, bringing the attention of a very energized music audience to you. Their achievements are remarkable.


Because of the large number of new uploads that take place every day on Soundcloud, it could take a lot of work to get your music noticed on the platform. You need to do this if you want to feel reassured if no one listens to your music tracks for several weeks after posting them on your website. You have to do this if you don’t want to feel dejected. Promoting your SoundCloud channel is essential to gaining the listeners and followers you need to be successful on the platform.

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