Top 5 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards You Need To Purchase This Summer Vacation

Inflatable paddle board is a new name; however, the activity is older. Thousands of years ago, people in European areas used flat paddle boards to peruse fishing activities.  Nevertheless, modern SUP (Standup Paddle) boarding began In the 20th century.

In addition, paddle barding has got many benefits as well. For instance, it helps one with balance, reduces stress levels, boosts cardiovascular health, and most importantly, grants you a peaceful environment for meditation.

Nevertheless, getting the right inflatable paddleboard for yourself is an essential step to ensure durability and quality. Let’s say you don’t want to fall into the waters between boarding.

So, if you are looking for that right board that will suit your abilities, style and will also last you for life-long, then look no further. As we have brought you the complete list of X blowup paddle boards to purchase this summer. So without any further due, let us walk through the list

Top 5 Inflatable Paddle Boards

1, 02 Retro 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

The Retro 10’6 board tops the list for many reasons. Its catchall shape makes it the perfect blow up paddle board for beginners or seasoned paddlers. The paddleboard has proven itself as an effective board for surfing in rivers and flat waters.

So, if you are looking for an all-around board with storage and transport limitations, then the 02 Retro is the perfect board for you.

2. 02 Angler Inflatable Fishing Board

As the name elaborates, the 02 Angler inflatable fishing board is the ultimate answer to all of your fishing woes. Its extra-wide body aids in achieving the maximum stability for reeling in the following monster catch.

02 Angler Inflatable Fishing Board

The 500 lbs carrying capacity, deck mounts, and extra bungees make sure that you can take all the gear you’ll ever need on your next fishing expedition.

Some of its features include

  1. Fusion technology that lends stiffness and performance
  2. 25 P Rating
  3. U.S Style fin box
  4. Comfortable neoprene handle
  5. Handless on nose and tail for easy put-in and take-out
  6. Extra D-rings and bungee for storage
  7. 4 deck mounts for accessories

3. 02 Lochsa

 The board is specially designed by Glide’s professional veteran of the Wildwater world. It is named after the Lochsa, which means “Rough water.”

The board will aid you in navigating classic runs all around the globe with its transportability and stable shape.

Not only this, but the board is just perfect for every type of you. From beginner to expert level, it means the paddler can use this inflatable blowup paddle board with ease.

4. 02 Quest Inflatable Touring Paddle Board

The 02 Quest is known as the quickest inflatable board of all time. It is specially designed to cut through the water efficiently through its sleek shape. Thus,  this board can take you anywhere your heart desires.

So if you are looking for a blowup paddleboard that covers long distances at minimal effort along with fast speed, then this paddleboard would be a perfect match for you.

5.  02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board.

Last but not the least, the 02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga Board is the industry’s first-ever yoga-specific stand up paddle board that was featured in the wanderlust Festivals.

Lotus Inflatable Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board.

The designers have created this paddleboard to produce an inflatable paddle board that can perfectly fit people seeking balance in the wild waters.

Some additional accessories

Do you know what is the most exciting part of purchasing these inflatable paddleboards? It is that all of them come with some other supplements. So what are they? Look below to find the answer

So each purchase comes with:

  1. Backpack with rolling wheels to ensure the easy travel
  2. Adjustable paddles
  3. Leash
  4. High-quality SUP pump
  5. Fin
  6. A repair kit

On the bottom line

For summing up, paddle boarding is an age-old activity. Nevertheless, the concept of inflatable paddle boards is slightly new. The movement is equipped with various health benefits.

However, one should never compromise over its quality to avoid any unease in the long run. Thus, we have listed the top 10 blow up paddle boards in the article above. Don’t forget to check them out from  rest, we wish you the best of luck