Top 5 Benefits Of Laser Bonding Technology I 2021

The use of lasers has grown immensely over recent years. Today, many companies have streamlined their production lines with the integration of the laser marking system. Due to the precision and quality of the laser-bonded marks, laser bonding technology is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of marking products in industries like electronics, medical, aerospace, automotive, and many more.

Want to adopt this technology but are not aware of the benefits?

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5 Key Benefits of laser bonding technology

The benefits of laser bonding technology are numerous. Some of them are listed below:

  1. High Precision

One of the biggest advantages of laser bonding is that it produces legible marks even on the smallest geometries or fonts. To be more precise, it is being widely used to mark barcodes and QR codes that store large amounts of data. Even if any part is of negligible size, it can still be marked finely without having to compromise on the mark quality.

  1. Resistant to Harsh Environmental Conditions

When a marking agent is applied on any object followed by a laser beam, permanent, black marks are produced and this is due to high-strength bonding which doesn’t break no matter what. That said, the marks do not come off under harsh environmental conditions such as heavy rain, extreme heat, cold, etc.

  1. No Damage to The Material

Laser bonding technology is famous for producing aesthetically appealing marks and it has nothing to do with material damage. This results in high-end finishes that make your marked object worth praising.

  1. Environment Friendly

Laser marking with an aerosol spray is highly safe both for the environment and the consumers who use the marked products finally. For instance, laser marking on dental materials such as implants that go inside the mouth must be safe for patient use. LBT100 (an all-purpose-spray-formulation) does ensure this!

  1. High Speed and Low Cost

LBT100 works great for a range of product shapes and sizes. It’s a high-speed process that delivers results within seconds.

Besides, its low cost makes it a perfect asset for marking.

Where Can You Use Laser Bonding?

You can use laser bonding for many applications, including:

  • Product labeling – it’s shown to be ideal for product labeling and traceability purposes as the products with non-permanent markings lose traceability along the way which is difficult to restore once lost.
  • Medical – you can get identification marks on surgical instruments and medical devices such as scalpels, forceps, dental implants, crowns, etc.
  • Aerospace – aircraft manufacturers make use of this very technology for aircraft part marking.
  • Automotive – used to leave everlasting marks on automotive parts and machines.
  • Electronics – used to mark tiny silicon chips, circuit boards, etc.

Knowing the benefits of laser bonding technology, we encourage you to try it and see a remarkable difference yourself.