Top 5 Action Games for Android

Without further due let’s dive into the list of top 5 action games for android phone.

Energy Joe

Play the character of the live wire man and protect your city from gangsterism on the Energy Joe Mod APK or on the free version. Command base with garage, arsenal and auto park are available too. Complete variety of tasks, acquire cash and get experience. Play as stun gun after an accident. Voltage jumps provide you power, now you must select what to do with this energy. We recommend you use it for a betterment of citizens or something. Take electricity from streetlight quietly like a real superhero.

Sarkar Infinite

Sarkar Infinite Mod APK is another action game for mobile phone users. Play a character of Thalapathy Vijay in this stunning 3D action fighting game and experience cinematic action. Compete increasingly difficult and variety waves of rivals with varieties of combat.

Gangs Town Story

In the game, you will be in a criminal city in the gangland, it could be any city – Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles or Chicago. But you are in the gang open world gangsters, gang wars and dirty cops. Play as gangster and rule the city.

Dude Theft Wars: Offline games

Bude Theft Wars is is a physics-based offline action open world game having Online Multiplayer Games mode full of action games, cool games & relaxing games. It is one of the best open world games with physics-based games, cool games & ragdoll games. In Dude Theft Wars, you can experience the game with friend’s online action games. You can play various game modes such as Two Online multiplayer games modes, Free for All & Team Deathmatch online game.

Bhai The Gangster

Bhai The Gangster is another world action game developed by India. The game is based on Hindi movie story line, Hindi dialogues and character play will blast your mind. If you want to play the Indian action game, then Bhai The Gangster will be the best option for you. In the Bhai The Gangster game, play the main character in which you will take revenge of your girlfriend killer. Bhai used to be the Gangster of the city, but he selects the good path.

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