Top 5 Accessories You Should Get Right NOW

Accessories are essential in our day-to-day lives and we need them at any given moment whether it is a charger, a power bank, earbuds, or anything else. With getting all of these mobile accessories, you should also make sure that you get the best quality. We at Ronin make the best quality accessories that not only are fully functional but great in design too.

We have a range of accessories that you would love to have in your bag. In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 of the most essential accessories by Ronin that you should have.

Top 5 Ronin Accessories To Get Right Away

  1. Super-Fast Charger
  2. USB-C Cable
  3. Power Bank
  4. Wireless Earbuds
  5. Headphone
  1. Super-Fast Charger

The world is moving at a really fast pace and so does the new technology. Now phones do not charge in 4-5 hours. Phones nowadays charge within 1-2 hours max and newer phones take even less time to charge. Thanks to the new fast chargers that help achieve this.

With the Ronin R-115 33-Watt Fast Charger, you can charge your phone at a blazing fast speed. It is the perfect charger for you if you want to charge your phone quickly without inconvenience. It consists of a USB-A port and USB-C port for different charging cables.

The Ronin R-115 is:

  • Lightweight
  • Small
  • Portable
  • USB-C Cable

For some blazing fast charging speeds you do not only need a fast charging adapter but also a fast charging cable. For this, we have the Ronin R-150. It is a 1-metre fast charging cable. The Ronin R-150 provides fast charging speeds, is durable, and is compatible for charging with all devices.

  • Power Bank

In the middle of the road or no electricity to charge your phone, worry not, the Ronin R-86 got you. Power banks are extremely useful at times when you cannot charge your phone otherwise. The Ronin R-86 is a power bank that is full of power, with the 10,000 mAh you get a battery backup of more than a day and if you utilize it efficiently even a week. It has the capacity to give 18w quick charging for powering your devices, with fast charging. The power bank consists of 2 USB Ports and a Type-C.

  • Wireless Earbuds

One of the most essential accessories that everyone needs is earphones and in the modern tech world wireless earbuds. A high quality wireless earbud is needed whether for listening to calls, playing games or even listening to some music.

The Ronin R-460 is the best in the business. It is of high quality both inside and out, providing a great, rich, and seamless audio experience. It comes with a dual mic, an ear sensor, and a digital display. Its features include noise cancellation, fast pairing and much more. These wireless earbuds can give up to 6 hours of talk time and charge in as fast as 1.5 hours.

  • Headphone

Last but not the least, for a much more great experience headphones play the best role. If you play games on your computer for long hours it can be a great accessory.

The R-7700 Thunder Beast Wireless Headphones can connect with all your devices that are Bluetooth enabled. It gives a great wireless experience whether you are playing games or even listening to music. The R-7700 is durable, gives high-quality sound with deep bass. These headphones are lightweight giving you the utmost comfort.


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