Top 4 Reasons to Support Local Businesses

Every year, many of us feel the pressure and financial strain of the holiday season. Over the years, this has only increased with the added stress of the pandemic, job insecurity, and other external factors that have strained finances and put many of us on our loose change. For those who keep both their families and small businesses running, the holiday season brings an added pressure. This year we want to focus on ways to support local businesses more than ever before, and on ways that our communities can pull together to make sure everyone is taken care of. One more thing is that we can also list our website in business listing sites or local business directories so that we can see the small business listing in other websites as well. We’ve written a number of articles from lists where small businesses can post their business, to specific ways we can make a difference in helping locally owned businesses.

With the holiday season here and the spirit of giving to us, we wanted to present a separate article and explain the benefits of supporting small businesses. We’ve provided you with a number of ways to do this, and ways in which a community can grow and be helpful, however, there are many reasons to support a local business and continue to do so after the pandemic and holiday waves have settled. Why is it still important? Below, you’ll read four reasons to support locally owned businesses and the benefits that come with doing small things.

1. Local Businesses Are More Eco-Friendly

Since locally owned businesses source from other locally owned businesses such as farms, chains and other supply stores, they have less impact on the environment. Locally sourced ingredients such as meat, produce and supplies usually have less packaging because they are coming from a direct source; Which ultimately leads to more recyclable materials being used, or less waste being thrown away. Locally sourced materials also require shorter travel times, cutting down on the gas and energy used for transportation. Because of this, when you support local businesses, you support eco-friendly businesses and change that makes everyone happy.

2. They offer high quality work

It’s so easy to head to the nearest department store or national chain for the gifts you’re looking for or the holiday meal prep you’ve been waiting for all year. However, it is always possible that the quality of the item or customer service you receive may not be the best. When you support local businesses and shop locally, you get a high quality of work and a high quality of customer service. Usually this is because small businesses are rooted in their community. They support people who both live and work within their city or town and therefore have more reasons at stake to provide quality work. Their work is their reputation, and maintaining it is a huge responsibility that rests entirely on their shoulders, so usually from the quality of work to the employees, you get better quality service.

3. They Support Jobs and Economic Growth

Even though small businesses may not seem like they are capable of employing that many people at once, according to mass.gov “small businesses employ 77 million Americans and have accounted for 65% of all new jobs over the past 17 years.” Huh.” Which is a significant number especially during this difficult time. When We Ask ‘Why Shop Local?’ Or question the importance of supporting locally owned businesses and brands, one of the main reasons it provides people with the jobs and stability they need for their families. When it comes to supporting local businesses, what you give is put back into the community. Local shop owners also support each other, leading to a lot of local economic growth and wealth because the money is not going to outside business or operations. The community continues to benefit economically due to the constant influx of local consumerism which is especially great for smaller towns and cities.

4. This is the right thing to do.

When it comes down to it, supporting your community and local business owners is the right thing to do; plain and simple. Taking care of your community and doing your best to lift them up during difficult times, or in general, is an act of kindness that may seem so small but goes a long way. When we give back to our community, we make it safer, and make it easier for those around us to live.

At the end of the day whether you’re buying gift cards, going to a store, visiting their online website, or ordering takeout, supporting local businesses matters just as much as you get them. Why should you support? We hope you continue to spread love and support each other this holiday season, and we’ll be happy to provide tips and tricks along the way!