Top 4 Motivational Stories In Hindi

It is true that each and every one of us has to face difficult times in life. This is what is called the “Music of Life”. And it is also true that where most of us survive these calamities, some others get disappointed and take very harmful steps like suicide, etc. To cope with such situations, a person may need some motivation that would help him/her to understand and digest the condition running. For this purpose, we have gathered the top motivational stories 

In Hindi and compiled them in this post which is going to be a great inspirational Hindi blog for you.

So let’s get started!

Life-Changing Teachings By Guru:

Once there was a Guru whose name was Guru Ramswaroop. He was used to searching for food for his Ashram by begging people. And for this purpose, he was seen on journeys most of the time from one city to another city. 

One day during his travel, he found a farm nearby. He stopped with his team and started talking with the fields. He saw some fields full of green and some others totally barren. There were a few farmers who were trying to sow seeds in barren fields so that they could turn them into cropland. And they were keeping their basic luggage beneath a tree in the shadow. 

Now one of the pupils of Guru Ramswaroop was naughty. He silently went near the tree and picked up a bag of farmers. When Guru came to know about his mischief, he called the pupil and advised in the following way:

“Dear listen! You are not only putting in trouble that poor farmer in by stealing his bag but also making your God angry enough with you. Do you really want that? I know you are not like that kind of person. So please count the amount we have got in begging and place it under the bag of the farmer at the same position where you lifted it off. The pupil did the same!”

The farmer was a poor person and was worried because he had no money to but medicine for his beloved and ill mother. When he saw some amount beneath the bag, he got happy and thanked God again and again for His mercy. Guru Ramswaroop and his pupils were silent seeing him crying and thanking God.


Instead of making someone sad, try making him/her happy. It will make you happy as twice he/she will be.

How To Make Your Mark?

Pushpendra Kulshrestha is a famous writer and journalist who is well-known for his exceptional skills and work. His name is not only known in India but also all around the world.  Not only this, but his professional attitude has made him an ideal personality for each and every journalist.

Once Pushpendra Kulshrestha was addressing the public. A lot of people had come to listen to him. After he was done addressing him, a team of journalists and writers made a queue to take his autograph. Pushpendra started to talk to all of them one by one and give autographs. 

Among them, a person came near to him and said,” Sir I am a writer and regarding my profession, I heartily respect your writings and want to be a person like you. So please let me know some habits that would assist me in becoming a personality like you have grown of yours”

Pushpendra did utter a single word and silently wrote some text in the young man’s notebook. After he had gone, the young person opened the notebook and the following words were written on it:

“Try giving time to yourself instead of caring for others. Taking an autograph would never make you famous. Give yourself an autograph and create a sense of maturity so as to grow and let yourself shine like a star”


You must try to develop your own presence instead of asking others about you.

There Is No Difference Between a Big or Small Job

Once upon a time, a Guru was travelling along with his scholars and other companions. They were all tired a lot because they were travelling for a very long time. Each and every one of them wanted to take some rest. But if they had taken rest, it would have been taking so long to reach their destination. That is why they continued their journey without any pause or stay. 

After some time, they came across a stream that required a long jump to take if one had to cross it. All of the scholars of the Guru successfully crossed the stream but before Guru could jump, his axe fell down in the stream. Guru got worried and he asked his scholars to do something to bring his axe back. Only two of the scholars were with Guru at the initial side of the stream. One of both felt the job awkward and he went to search for a cleaner. 

The Guru got sad as he had never taught this kind of teaching to his pupils. Seeing Guru sad, the other scholar immediately take off his upper clothes and jumped into the stream. After some moments, he came out of the stream holding Guru’s axe in his hand. Guru became so happy and after some time, the other scholar came with a cleaner but it was too late. But he got ashamed and excused Guru for his negligence. 


Never ever differentiate between big and small work. All you need to do is to make the job done to learn experience. 

No Big or Small:

Harry was a craftsman. His job was to bring heavy stones home from the mountains and make various monuments from them. This work was too difficult and the earnings were also too low. In actuality, his forefathers were also involved in this kind of profession for the past several years. But less income against heavy struggle was making Harry feel awkward about the job. 

He started thinking that he should struggle to become a strong person so that he would not have to struggle or work this much and the earring will also be enough to make both ends meet. One day he was lying on his bed. He started thinking about the power and heat of the sun. He wished to become a sun and you know what happened. He actually became a sun after a couple of days. 

One day he was above the field in which a farmer was ploughing. He threw some heat on the field to make the weather so warm but the farmer continued his work without thinking of the hot weather. Soon the man realized that a cool breeze was flowing across the field. 

The man wished to become a strong chill wind. After a couple of days, he actually became a cold wind. But after travelling long distances, he as the air came across a very high mountain that he could not actually cross. He thought the mountain was stronger than the chilled air and wished the third time to be like it. 

He became a mountain after two days and started taking a rest at his place. suddenly, he got awake due to a hammer striking him. He saw labour was cracking him to bring huge stones to his home. Suddenly the man got awake in real and realized that the only person to break the mountain is actually him.


Do not compare yourself with others, you are running your own race that no one can win. So be proud of what you are up to.

Money Addiction

Michael was a 5-year-old kid. One day, he was playing with his friends on the ground. Michael and his team were about to defeat the other team that was not well considered for the other team. After a moment, the other team started to fight with Michael and his team. One young boy from the other team started saying to Michael that he was a son of the poor and he is a servant. Michael got so sad and his words started vibrating in the galaxy of his mind. 

Michael struggled so hard and got a job as CEO of a company. Now he was no longer a servant and became a boss with a lot of employees working under him. One day, Michael was going home and he saw a rich lady getting out of her car. But people around were abusing her and she had no worries about all of them. He saw a servant guard standing aside from the woman with his eyes down. Michael remembered his childhood story and suddenly, he started crying a little.

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