Top 4 methods to beat the Instagram Algorithm

How does Instagram decide which posts go viral? This is a question that Instagram users & influencers have been asking for over a decade. However, the answer to this question has become more and more difficult to find with the ever changing, consistently updating Instagram algorithm.

There is one thing that we know for sure though; when a post gets more organic engagement from followers or profiles that are interested in you, the algorithm favors that post and allows that post to reach more users. The post then has the potential to go viral.

For some fortunate Instagram users, they’ve benefited from a snowball effect that almost always results in them going viral. Whether it was luck or hard work that got them started, now that they’ve got the ball rolling it’s an easy game for them here on out.

For other users, getting started is the hard part. If they don’t have much of an organic audience on Instagram, then their post will have almost no chance of reaching more users, which is exactly what they need to get that organic audience in the first place!

So the real question is how can you beat the algorithm to start that snowball effect? Essentially, what you need is an initial boost of engagement to get the ball rolling and expand your reach to gain more organic engagement. In order to figure out how to do this, we need to look a little deeper into how the Instagram algorithm works.

Here are the four most important factors that the algorithm considers and what the solutions we can use to satisfy the algorithm:

  1. Receive engagement from high quality users: The Instagram algorithm favors posts that have more engagement from bigger profiles. This isn’t always easy though and the algorithm appreciates this. Having lots of good engagement from real Instagram users is also very beneficial.

Solution: Try to network and connect with other bigger influencer pages and consider using small & exclusive Instagram engagement groups, containing good quality real users related to your niche. Remember, when using these groups you have to give engagement to receive it, so don’t over-use these groups otherwise you’ll get flagged for performing too many actions on Instagram. You can also use a paid private network that contains real users only to increase your quantity and save yourself time from using telegram, but don’t rely entirely on paid private networks because you still need some engagement from big influencer pages, which are often not found in paid private networks.

  • Your posts need a mix of all types of engagement: A post that just gets lots of likes, or just gets lots of views won’t do nearly as well as a post that gets a mix of likes, views, saves, shares, profile visits and comments in a realistic and optimized ratio. The best way to get a mix of different engagement types is through fully organic engagement as it will naturally come in all forms. But gaining organic engagement is already the issue we are trying to solve in the first place!

Solution: Outside of organic engagement, the only real solution here is paid private networks that are optimized to deliverLikes, Comments, Views, Saves, Shares and Profile Visits. These networks are also highly recommended if you post a mix of normal page posts and reel posts because you’ll need an optimized quantity of Instagram Reel Views as well as the other types of engagement. Pod groups are great for a few extra likes & comments from high quality users. However, if you really want your post to go viral then you should consider a paid private network that also includes Instagram saves, shares & profile visits.

  • You need a mix of fast & slow engagement: Generally, the faster the engagement comes in, the better. But many Instagram users that take shortcuts to boost their engagement will make the mistake of focussing purely on fast engagement. So, they’ll receive a high quantity of engagement in the first few hours, but then suddenly it will stop. This is not good for the algorithm as it’s very unrealistic. Ideally, you need to have an initial fast boost of engagement and also a gradual flow of ongoing engagement that continues for 24+ hours.

Solution: If using Instagram engagement groups / telegram pods, make sure that you give your round of engagement before you actually post and send your post to the group. This way, as soon as you upload you can enter your post into the group and start receiving engagement immediately. Then, continue to network with others over the next 48 hours to receive a slower ongoing trickle of engagement on that post.

Paid private networks will also do the trick and save you a lot of time! The best providers will have lots of different networks so that you can optimize your engagement in the right way. So you could join a fast delivery instant PowerLikes network and a Slow Delivery Drip Feed Likes network.

  • Get engagement from users in your location: This is perhaps the most important factor! It’s essential that the majority of the engagement comes from people that are in the same country as you. Not only will this work better for expanding your reach, but it will also expand your reach to users that are also within your country / location, which is generally more beneficial for most Instagram users.

Solution: Network with people in your location! Keep this in mind too when using instagram engagement groups. If using a paid private network, find one that delivers engagement from your country. For example, if you’re from the USA then you’ll want to sign up to a USA Instagram Likes network.

In summary, you should always network with others, but this does take a lot of time and dedication. There’s also no harm in using telegram groups but you should never over use them, just pick a few high quality groups to get some more Instagram likes & comments on your posts from good influencer pages. If you really take your Instagram page seriously, then you may have to invest into using a paid private network to get high quality location targeted PowerLikes with Instagram Reel Views, Instagram Video Views, Instagram Saves, Shares & Profile visits included in the service. Ideally you want to pay for a monthly subscription to get Instagram likes & engagement from these networks, the best networks allow you to pay with PayPal.

Here are 2 paid private networks that are highly recommended:

  • Supersize Social Drip Feed Instagram PowerLikes: This is a slow delivery network containing high quality users from the USA and Europe. As with all of their networks, you get Likes, Views, Saves, Shares & Profile Visits in an optimized ratio. It works on 1 post a day maximum.
  • Supersize Social USA PowerLikes: This is a fast delivery network, also containing all the other types of engagement that you need. The users are only from the USA and you can choose the gender of the users. If you’re not posting every day, this network is very reasonably priced, but if you do post every day the cost may add up.

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